Monday, 25 January 2016

Displacement Activity!

E is currently out having her practical driving test and so, in an attempt to distract myself, I thought I'd upload some of the photos from this last week. 

Remember the little duck with the damaged beak? Well, when I phoned the vet for an update the following day, the receptionist informed me that they had decided that the kindest thing was to put her down - kindest for whom?! As I'd spent the evening before googling ducks with damaged bills and learning that they can indeed be repaired with the resin that dentists use, it came as a bit of a shock. E and I were very upset but R was downright livid. She was so sweet and he felt that she had trusted us to care for her and that we had let her down badly. The last thing that we said as we dropped her off was 'please don't put her down'! She didn't seem to be in any pain and was capable of eating from a cup so we would have been happy to hand feed her until something more permanent could have been be arranged. Sadly, she never had that chance. At least we now know who not to call  if there is a next time. 

There have been a few happier moments this week:
Patchwork stars and a coffee in front of a lit stove:
 Making more of Deliciously Ella's energy balls - L and I can get through these at a fair old rate!
 Flowering tete-a-tetes:
 Sunshine and frost:
 Finally getting around to backing my seasonal primitive stitching. Now I just have to decide where to hang them!
A trip to Oxford. Now that L has graduated, I don't get here very often and found that I was missing it. It's only 25 minutes away, so Thursday saw me beetling up the A34 for a day trip.
The famous Radcliffe Camera - they manage to walk round this several times in each episode of Lewis!
 A view from Magdalen Bridge:
Annie Sloan's shop on the Cowley Road. I went in for a nosy round and nearly bought some paint before deciding that I didn't fancy carrying it round for the rest of the day. I can always get some from the stockist in Hungerford instead.
 Smiling at the sign outside G&D's:
 My little haul for the day. The books were a pound each from the Gloucester Green open market and the green papaya and black cardamoms (which I've searched for for ages) were from an Indian supermarket on  Cowley Road. It's the place in Oxford for ethnic ingredients and charity shops and I love it!
 More daffs of the bigger kind:
 Making a cushion with some of the fabric that E bought me for my birthday:

Here's the finished article in situ:
I'm still debating over whether or not to paint that rocking chair. I think it would look much better as I dislike that orange pine, however the only thing that's stopping me is the smell. Either the wood itself or the varnish has a pleasant, very characteristic smell which transports me straight back to when the girls were babies and being rocked there. I'd hate to lose it by covering it with paint so, for the time being, I'm sticking with the orange.

That's all for this week. E should be back anytime soon and, to be honest, it could have gone either way. I'm keeping everything crossed!

Have a happy week.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. What an unpleasant shock about the duck.

    Hope the driving test goes well.

  2. I hope E's driving test went well. What an awful shame about the duck, they could at least have contacted you to let you know what they were planning so you had the choice of going to collect it. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Oxford, I would love to pick up some of the old Observer's books that I remember so well from my childhood, how fantastic that you were able to pick them up so cheaply. Every time I have seen them in 2nd hand bookshops they have been so expensive. xx

  3. I hope your daughter passed her driving test, you'll have to tell us next week! So sorry to hear about the duck, I can imagine how upset you were. I love your cushion, and am very envious of how all your squares line up so well. Have a good week! xx

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the duck, I can understand why you were upset with the vet. I hope your daughter has passed her driving test. What an exciting moment in her life! Your shopping day looks like a lot of fun. Oxford seems like a lovely place to spend some time. I always enjoy seeing your trips out and about. I would visit all the same places and I'm glad I can see them here. Hope you're having a good week so far. :)

  5. That is so sad about the duck, if you had specifically asked them not to do that I would have thought they would have at least contacted you first. Hope that all went well for your daughter and her test! Enjoy your sewing! xx

  6. So sorry about the duck. That's made me sad. But I hope that your daughter passed her test. I like Ella's energy balls very much too. I feel holier than thou when eating them!
    Leanne xx

  7. I do hope the driving test went well! So sad about the little duck, it's usually the way when we've rescued injured birds and taken them to the vet. I love your cosy stove and frosty garden, and enjoy seeing your photos of Oxford. I haven't been for years.
    Cathy x

  8. I hope the driving test was successful. Such a shame about the little duck, it really is. Lovely to see beautiful Oxford, lucky you living so close. The energy balls sound very good, I shall investigate further! CJ xx

  9. I know that feeling of a daughter having a driving test....hope all went well!
    Sorry about your little duck, some vets will go the distance others couldn't care less, we have a hit list of the bad ones and always notify the public.
    Love your other happies.....your cushion is a work of art, I love it!xxx

  10. Good luck to E. Sounds like your trip to Oxford was very therapeutic. Love those books! I know what you mean about homely smells, although I think that chair would look very good with some of that chalky paint. Have a great week ?Barbara

  11. I was so sorry to hear the sad end of the duck tale. At least there were quite a few nice things to enjoy this week. Now all that is left is to know whether E passed the test.

  12. poor duck xxx hope the test was a success x

  13. Oh sorry to hear about the duck, I guess there was no one to pay the bill! Sorry that isn't funny really is it. I hope the test went well.

  14. I'm sorry to hear about the duck, it's a pity they didn't inform you. It sounds like you've been having a lovely craft week & paint the chair. I have a hideous orange stained pine chest in my bedroom which my husband brought with him many many years ago! This year is the year it gets painted! x

  15. Hi there, I found you through Coastal Ripples, but now I see lots of my friends here :o) I love your patchwork cushion. Think you've inspired me to make something similar here. CT x