Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hughenden Manor

Hello there! Yesterday saw me dropping E off at her orchestra practice, dropping L off in Oxford and then driving on to Hughenden Manor near High Wycombe to meet my friend, S, and all before 10am. Hughenden Manor is a National  Trust owned Victorian mansion, once the country house of Benjamin Disraeli and it was BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous, sun-filled rooms, a fabulous walled garden, a cafe and a second hand book shop set in the old stables - bliss!

'Bugingham Palace'
The man himself. Apparently, his trademark kiss curl (obscured by the hat) was achieved with egg white and sugar!
It was a lovely place to visit and we had a great time. It was, for once, a cold, frosty day - you know, like winter is supposed to be - and we made the most of the weak sunshine by eating our lunch of leek and potato soup outside. I just love a National Trust property!
Other happies this week include:

More of that sunshine at home. I'm determined this year to take a monthly photo of the garden, just to see how it progresses through the year.
Making some yarn pegs as I keep losing the paper wrappers with the colour name on them. I know it doesn't cover a lot of the pegs, but the blanket is still in progress and I didn't want to use too much in case I ran out of yarn!
Spotting the first snowdrops:
L making masala dosa with coconut chutney and lentil sambal from my 'Green Kitchen' recipe book. I do love cooking but sometimes it can feel like a chore and it's always a treat if someone else steps in. It was delicious too!
Enjoying my cinnamon candle:
The first pot of tete-a-tetes this year:
A box of Anchor embroidery threads and hoop, found in a charity shop:
Struggling to do my crochet - I did yoga for the first time in ages this week and my wrist is suffering slightly. It made for painful rippling, so I gave up and made a frothy coffee instead.
Treating myself to a new pair of trainers - they're Skechers and have a memory foam insole which is so comfy that it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything.

Our Sunday morning entailed a mercy dash to the vets. A duck that I didn't recognize came to the kitchen door and when I went to feed her I noticed that she was very thin and had difficulty eating because she had lost most of the top part of her beak. We've no idea what had happened to her. R brought her into the kitchen whilst I phoned the RSPB. They referred me to the RSPCA who referred us to our local vet, so we popped her into one of the chicken carrier boxes and drove round. We were told to leave her for the vet to look at and are now waiting to hear what happens to her. I'm hoping that it doesn't involve putting her down! Does anyone know anything about ducks' bills? Do they regrow? Could they reconstruct it with fibreglass or am I just being naive and hopelessly optimistic? She could just about manage to eat chicken food if it was in a cup, so I'm hoping that they can keep her alive somehow. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I'll give them a ring to see what the plan is; I'll keep you updated.

Well, that was my week. I hope yours was fun, with maybe a little flurry of snow or two - none here as yet, but we're nothing if not hopeful!
Toodle pip for now. x


  1. It sounds as if you had a great day out in the sunshine. Your new trainers look so comfortable, I need to buy some new ones so will look out for something similar. xx

  2. We are lucky enough to have two National Trust properties right on our doorstep and often go for a walk there and browse in the bookshop. I do hope your little duck is ok. Have a god week. xx

  3. Fantastic charity shop find, well done you. And what an amazing meal made by L, it looks absolutely delicious. I live for the day one of mine can make something like that. CJ xx

  4. Sorry, I don't know anything about ducks, other than that they quack and swim! Oh and spend a lot of time in the water upside down. Not at all helpful! I hope that all will be well though. You are so kind to have rescued it like that. xx

  5. That's a shame about the duck, well done you for taking the time to help I hope she can be saved. What a great charity shop find & your meal looks so good xx

  6. Your new trainers look very comfy. I have bought that brand of shoes for my children in the past as they have lovely soft bendy soles. We don't have many National Trust properties on our doorstep, it is mostly land they own in these parts but I do love to visit them when we are away. They are always good aren't they?

    That is quite a find from the charity shop. I hope your wrist is a bit better now and the duck too.

  7. What a great charity shop find, I am quite envious. I also love a NT property, especially on a sunny day. There is something so inspiring and also reassuring about them. I hope the duck was ok. I am a little intrigued as to how a duck happened to be just wandering into your garden! x

  8. Oh, the poor duck! So glad you helped her. There is no charge for wildlife at a vets so always take injured wildlife to your nearest one. We often get birds with misaligned beaks, some survive with decent diets, some, sadly don't. I hope your girl makes it.
    I loved Bugingham Pace, and who knew how handy an egg white and sugar could be????
    Snowdrops? Lovely! You do get to visit some interesting

  9. Quite an eventful week! Hughenden Manor looks lovely, as does YOUR garden. I hope the duck report back is good.

  10. I haven't been to Hughenden manor for years so it was lovely to have a quick peek thanks to your photos. Sounds like you have had a very busy week! Barbara

  11. I enjoyed a cold day in the sunshine yesterday. Today it's back to the rain, and is set for the rest of the week. I do love an NT property, and I love that snippet about Disraeli and his kiss curl! Sorry to hear about the poor wee duck. We rescued a fledgling Blackbird struggling in our garden last year. The poor thing had to be put down. I told Olly he'd gone to the wild bird sanctuary to be mended. I'm still looking for snowdrops....
    Leanne xx

  12. What a lovely NT day out - I've never heard of the house, but it looks very grand. Good to see the first snowdrops and to find a bargain too. Hope the poor little duck can be helped - at least you showed it some kindness when it needed it.
    Cathy x

  13. A fun NT visit, a great charity shop find, a delicious meal, someone's been having a nice week.

  14. Such a beautiful scene in your garden there friend! Can't wait to see more of your space this season! And that country house was amazing! It is so nice to come by your space here today! And do let us know how the sweet duck does. Wishing you more lovely scenes this week! Nicole xo