Thursday, 4 February 2016


Hello there! Thank you for dropping by, it's so lovely to see you. Can you believe we're in February already? Where on Earth did January disappear to? After a week of stormy weather - with both Gertrude and Henry making their presence felt around these parts - I popped into town the other day and just had to stop and take a photo of the blue sky behind our town hall. It made such a pleasant change from the grey that we've been having. I don't know about you but a bit of sun and blue sky makes all the difference to how I'm feeling and cheers me up no end. 
I only popped in to return some library books but then decided to do a quick trawl of the charity shops whilst I was there. I came away with 3 children's books. I love the stories and illustrations of the Little Grey Rabbit books and despite the fact that my girls are now FAR, FAR too old for them, I couldn't resist buying them. I returned home and settled down with a cup of tea for a quiet little read.  It was lovely but it did make me long for the days when I would have had 2 little girls sitting beside me as I read. L made a comment this week to the effect of 'one day you put your child down and you will never pick it up again'. Well, that thought had me sobbing all night and I can feel myself getting a little teary again just typing this. Those of you with children small enough, go and pick them up and hug them right now!
My second trip into town was to do a decopatch workshop at our local craft shop. I had meant to put this down on my 50 list but never got around to it. Basically, it's just ripping and glueing for grown ups and it was so easy and fun. The decopatch glue has a sort of varnish added, so it dries hard and shiny. As a little bonus, any that you get on your skin you can spend a merry 10 minutes doing that 'skin peely offy' thing with!
I took a few photos of the shop.
Actually, this was the little 'Flowerpot Cafe' just outside. It's very cute and the food is apparently lovely, although I didn't try it out on this occasion. Note that we're back to that grey sky!
 Here, tucked in the corner, is Rainbows where the workshop was held. The models outside were a bit of a give away: 
A quick shot of the inside of the shop. It was quite small but packed to the brim with various craft materials:
 Just a small selection of the paper available. The paper itself was very thin like tissue, but the dye penetrated very deep so that when you ripped it, you weren't left with a white edge.

 As it was my first time, I chose a small cardboard rabbit. Apparently though, you can decopatch just about anything. They even had a pair of shoes that someone had done! Here's my bunny in progress:
 And the finished article. The glue is quite quick drying, so I was able to take him home immediately. I'm not sure what Hamish will make of it but I'm sure it will come in useful for Easter!

Just one more thing this week: sadly, E failed her driving test! She stopped briefly on a hill and then had difficulty getting going again. She didn't roll backwards or anything horrific and she only paused for about 5 seconds, but some impatient person saw the L plate and overtook her so it was an automatic fail for 'holding someone up'. We've re-booked for during the Easter holidays but hope to get an earlier cancellation. Fingers crossed that we do - these lessons are blooming expensive!

Anyway, that's all for this week. 
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. I loved your photo of the Town Hall. It is a view I am very familiar with as it is taken in the town 7 miles from the village where I was born and to which we visited so often when I was growing up. I must seek out the craft shop as it looks just my kind of place, I don't visit so often these days and things change quite a lot. Sorry to hear that E wasn't successful but wishing her better luck next time. xx

  2. I've just given Olly a hug. Sorry to hear about the driving test. I passed on my fourth attempt; she'll get there.
    Leanne xx

  3. I took more than one too, hope that impatient person had a restless night! So agree about blue skies, though here in Michigan we get a few more than the UK, but makes such a difference to one's outlook. The class sound great fun.

    There will be grandchildren perhaps, one day, who will enjoying reading with Granny......

  4. Your bunny is fabulous!!! Sorry for your daughter and her driving test. On my first test I failed because someone walked out in front of me - my fault apparently... So I really sympathise with your daughter. I hope that she will do well next time! xx

  5. Love the idea of decoupage. I have seen some beautiful boxes done that way. I think we had one blue sky day about a week've just got to make the most of those special days at the moment. Sorry about the driving test. Tell your daughter all the best people fail first time :) Hope the sun shines for you soon. Barbara x

  6. Love blue skies too, it just lifts the spirits, even if it's freezing cold! Your little bunny is very cute. Will you make him a friend?! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. your bunny looks very cute! sorry about the driving test x

  8. Books, crafts, flowers and a cafe - what a happy post. Except for that driving test, of course. Better luck next time.

  9. Your bunny is a cutie, that sounds like a great activity! The recent blue skies have been wonderful haven't they? We have been enjoying them too, although like you are back to the grey :(. Sorry to hear about the driving test, grrr to impatient drivers.

  10. I have loved Little Grey Rabbit since I was tiny wee. I had the same thought about L (14) this week, that as he's now nearly as tall as me my picking him up days are long gone. It's a stand still for a moment and think about it thing for sure. Love your bunny, perfect for Easter and also that craft shop...heaven! Sorry to hear about the D Test, my husband says you're a better driver in the long run if you take more than one go to pass :o) xx

  11. Blue sky makes such a difference, doesn't it? I loved the Little Grey Rabbit books too as a child, and still have a few. Your decoupage looks really good, and the bunny is great. I haven't tried it, but it does look tempting. Sorry to hear about E and the driving test - it won't matter in the long run. Good luck for next time!
    Cathy x