Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Rag Rugging and Snowdrops

Morning all. Well, here we are in half term and, for once, the weather isn't half bad - more winter sun and frosts than the usual dismal grey skies. Unfortunately, E is bogged down with English Literature coursework and has A2 mocks looming as well, so there won't be much gadding about for us this week. 
There have been a few highlights though. Our local library is currently holding a 'Library Fest' with various exciting and, more importantly, free workshops. Saturday saw me doing a rag rugging one, held by textile artist Kath Hutchings. It was brilliant - easy, fun and green. Never again will I throw away old T shirts; they'll all be cut up into 1cm strips and rugged!
Here are a few photos of Kath's work: 

Fun aren't they? For the workshop, we were making pennants spelling out 'Library Fun'. I was put in charge of the letter 'F'. The tool and method were familiar as they were similar to those I used  for my heart picture last year. We were a little limited in terms of time, so the aim was to just do the letter and a border.

Here are the finished pennants. Someone still needs to do the 'b':
On Valentine's Day, we did our annual visit to Welford Park  to see their snowdrops. You may be familiar with the setting as it's where they've held The Great British Bake Off competition for the past couple of years. Every spring they open the gardens to the public for charity.
 There is a short walk to get to the woods. Over a wooden bridge:

Getting closer:
Spotting a few:
   ..... and there we are. Stunning isn't it?
It was a lovely, dry cold day and we sat in the estate garden enjoying a flask of hot tea and some cookies that the girls had made.
Then it was back home to light the stove and watch the rugby:
It was a Valentine's Day well spent. 
Other happies so far this week:
My new charity shop find. There are some lovely projects that I have my eye on:
Spotting a green woodpecker in the garden - please try to avert your eyes from all the weeds and focus on the bird!
Enjoying my current favourite lunch - avocado and poached egg on toast:
Starting knitting  my first ever sock:
 My Valentine's roses from R. He knows I'm not keen on red roses, so plumped for a rainbow bunch:
 ... and finally, catching Hamish sat on the coffee table 'helping' E with her homework!
Anyway, that's all for this week. If it's your half term too, I hope you have a good one.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. Those snowdrops! Oh my. Your new book looks interesting and the F turned out well. Love that picture of Hamish ;-) xx

  2. Your rag rug workshop looks great fun. I am very tempting to go to Welford to see the snowdrops, they were featured on South Today last evening and my DH said that we should go. Hopefully we will get some more bright and sunny days later this week so we can enjoy them in all their glory. xx

  3. Those snowdrops are amazing! What a carpet! Your socks look great, I love that yarn. Rag rugging looks great, what a great way to use up scraps.

  4. Oh, those snowdrops! So beautiful! Wish I had been with you :) Your lunch looks delicious too!

  5. I have never seen so many snowdrops in one place - wonderful! The rag rugging looks very good too. I have a half-made one that's been knocking around for about 15 years now, and a big bag of T-shirts which I started to turn into yarn, but didn't get very far with. Your book is a real find, and the roses are very pretty indeed. I got sunset-coloured ones from P. Have a relaxing week.
    Cathy x

  6. I hope that all goes well for E! The snowdrops are so beautiful aren't they, I love them. I am in awe of your sock knitting!! It looks fabulous!! xx

  7. These rag rugs as such fun! They make my fingers tingle, wanting to give it a try.

  8. Love your rag rugging, how nice to be able to contribute towards something for your library. Hope the rest of your half term is going just as well! xx

  9. Those snowdrops are quite spectacular. As is the woodpecker. I've only heard them, never seen them. Good luck to E. Hamish looks as if he's giving the right kind of support!
    Leanne xx

  10. oh those snowdrops. and I love your sock wool x

  11. Good luck with the socks. I love the wool. Wow well done for catching a photo of the woodpecker. Love the snowdrops. Gorgeous! Barbara X