Thursday, 9 October 2014

Stoptober and Zumba

Two 'new things' to chat about this week. Firstly, there is a nationwide 'Stoptober' event where people are supposed to stop smoking this month. Personally, I have never smoked and have never even been tempted to try it, so I thought I would try to give up something different i.e. chocolate, cakes and biscuits!!! No mean feat there. I have been fortunate enough in my 50 (almost!) years never to have had to diet - genetics and a veggie diet (you will rarely see an overweight vegetarian) contributing to that fact. Many years ago there was a television programme which listed the various shapes of women  and there were accompanying photos to demonstrate the types - bowls of juicy, red apples, gleaming pears and highly polished cellos etc......... I was a house brick! Straight up and down, practically no waist/hip delineation. Nothing too much wrong with that I suppose, but recently I have noticed that I am becoming a house brick which bulges slightly in the middle. Middle age spread has raised its head and it's not pretty. My tendency to reach for the ease and comfort of the biscuit barrel/cake tin had gradually increased and I am no stranger to a chocolate bar, that and the advancing years are finally having an effect. My father and a number of friends have developed Type II Diabetes and in an attempt not to wander merrily down the same path, for this month at least, I am turning my back on all things yummy and sugary.

We are only on the 9th, so it's a long way to go yet and I find the days rather variable. My biggest challenge was making some brownies for L to take back to uni with her, but I battled through and didn't even lick the bowl! I do find that I have to snack on something when the sugar cravings hit. More fruit is being consumed, which can only be a good thing ( a handful of blueberries really hits the spot) and I have a pot of hummus constantly on the go with veggie bits to dunk but, if I'm honest, I could murder a flake, and I dread to think what I'll be like when my period is due!

Anyway, that was thing number one for this week. Thing number 2 was Zumba! After chickening out last week I  plucked up my practically non-existent courage and went yesterday. The class wasn't very large and there were 2 other newbies, so I was feeling slightly better initially. Then someone I know from school walked in and I wanted to run and hide (typically, she was really good too!). The instructor was fantastic - complete with dreadlocks - and I could happily have just sat and watched him for 45 minutes he was so good, but they don't let you do that! I have never been a dancer and have absolutely no rhythm/ coordination. Everyone went one way, I went the other. Everyone picked up the new steps with apparent ease, I tripped over my feet, ground to a standstill and dissolved in a fit of giggles at the back of the class. The thing is - I really think I could love it. When there was an incredibly easy step and I could get my head round it and follow along, it was great. Talking to the others at the end, he apparently does much the same moves each session. So, with that in mind, I think I'll give it another few weeks before deciding it's not for me. I also think it's good for me to do something outside my comfort zone and this is WAY, WAY outside it! The only problem is - when I went to write next week's session on my calendar, I realized that I've a friend coming to lunch. If I miss the session, they'll think I've wimped out and, worse, the other newbies will have had another week's practice and the gulf between me and everyone else will be even wider. I may have to try and move the lunch to Thursday!

I seem to have rambled on quite enough for this week, without so much as a photo to break it all up. I promise to upload some for next time. Have a fantastic week and enjoy all the beautiful Autumn colours around at the moment. Toodle Pip for now. x

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