Monday, 31 March 2014

Stripy Blanket Ta-Dah!

I've finally finished my attic24 inspired Stripy Blanket (definitely NOT a 'Granny Stripe' as my youngest already thinks that crochet is just for grannies!). Thanks once again to the fabulous Lucy for her free, easy to follow patterns. Again, most of the colours are from the attic24 style pack with just a couple of exceptions - matador and denim.

The photo below shows me enjoying a happy hookie moment on Saturday. I sat in the sun at the bottom of the garden and blissfully hooked away at nearly all the final round of the border .... before realizing that I had missed out the penultimate round of double crochet  (****!!). I couldn't bear to frog it myself, so the girls had fun doing it for me. The blanket was therefore finished on Mothers' Day instead. I'm never sure - should it be Mother's as in a single Mother or Mothers' as in all Mothers collectively?

Anyway, here are the photos. Are you ready?

Ta-Dah!  The 'perching on the coffee table' shot.

The 'draped on the sofa' shot.

The 'folded' shot.

The 'bed' shot (no, I don't iron bedding!).

The 'corner' shot.

The 'border' shot (the sofa looks even more hideous close up!)

The 'along the stripes' shot - I love this one.

And back to the Ta-Dah!

I didn't think I could love a blanket as much as the Elmer one but this one really lifts my spirits. Again, I'm rather humoured by my family who still find my new found love of crocheted blankets amusing but I'm developing a thick skin. There are far worse addictions!

I've already started my next project - The 'Manly Blanket'! When L's boyfriend, J, came to stay with us last week, he was suffering from a rotten cold. A few times I found him wrapped up in the Elmer blanket and as it's his birthday in August I asked L if she thought he might like a blanket of his VERY OWN. She decided to ask him, with instructions not to say yes just out of politeness (!), and bless him, he agreed. He decided on an Elmer one in blues and greens, so L and I beetled off to the LYS and chose the following:

We added a few purples as well; probably mainly for the border. What do you think? Are they manly enough? I did consider calling it the 'Blokey Blankie' as I'm all for a bit of alliteration but L wouldn't let me. So, the 'Manly Blanket' it is. I'll keep you informed of its progress.

Toodle Pip for now. x

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  1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words. This blanket is just wonderful, what a triumph! I love your colours. I have only ever made one small granny square throw, and have a large blanket in progress, but I feel I have many more blankets in me, especially when I see something like this. x