Wednesday, 9 April 2014

On my camera this week

Hello Lovely Bloggers. We are now into our second week of the Easter holidays (slightly marred by GCSE revision) and I suddenly realized that I had lots of photos building up on my camera which probably didn't merit a post on their own but which I would want to remember anyway.  So, I thought I would copy an idea that I've seen quite a lot in Blogland and do an 'On my camera this week' post.

So, here are a few things on my camera this week ..........

A girls' day out in town with my Darling L. Time for much needed haircuts, a trip to the library and a sneaky visit to La Tasca.
Bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar - so simple and yet so yummy.

A selection of tapas for the main course. My favourite was the breaded aubergine.

And no visit to La Tasca would be complete without a Sangria!

A quick look around TK Maxx revealed these 2 beauties. The chicken mug is now known as 'Harriet's Mug' after our very own Lavender Pekin.

Seedlings in the greenhouse. Mostly veggies but a few sunflowers too. 

Mothers' Day. A washi tape card:

A pot of tulips:

Some yummy chocolates:

And .............ingredients for a mojito and a pina colada! Until quite recently I had never tried a cocktail, so to remedy this the girls bought me a cocktail book and a few basics for Christmas and then added to it for Mothers' Day. I was very happy!


Working on the 'Manly Blanket' whilst waiting in the school car park for E.

Breakfasts are normally rushed toast and cereal affairs during term time, so during the holidays it's nice to have a few treats.

.....and latkes.

Yesterday, I went to meet my friend, S, at Clifton in Bristol. She lives in Exeter, so it was a nice half way point. We walked for miles as it was cold but beautifully sunny and a lovely day was had by all.

We started off with coffee and a toasted teacake in the museum cafe.

Then had a potter round all the cutesy little shops in Clifton. All that was missing was a yarn shop (or if there is one, we didn't find it!) I wanted to copy Tiny Tin Bird's idea of buying a ball of yarn on a day trip out to incorporate the memory of the day into a project. Maybe next time.

We had a fantastic lunch at the Thali Cafe:

I had a Northern Thali - clockwise from the top: rice, dahl, pumpkin curry, salad, spinach and paneer curry and raita. Absolutely delicious. 

Then another walk across the suspension bridge and up to the observatory before a pot of tea and a macadamia and peanut blondie. I forgot to take a photo of this but, you'll have to take my word for it, it was scrumptious! A day to remember - only slightly marred by having to crawl through the city centre in the rush hour traffic on my way back to the M4!

That's all for now. I'll pop back later in the week to update you on the next 'new thing' on my 50 list - quilting!

Toodle pip. x

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  1. Hey there! I've just popped over to say hello and to thank you for visiting my corner of blogland. I like the idea of a what's on post, and I'm thinking of doing one soon. Glad you and your friend had a nice time in Bristol. I was born and bred there. It is a great city,
    Leanne x