Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lemon Curd and WIP

Morning everyone; I hope you have been enjoying the lovely, if slightly cold, weather this week. Just a quick post today - L has got her boyfriend, J, staying for 6 days - that's a lot of days when you have never met someone before! Luckily, he's lovely and the weather has been kind, so they have been out and about exploring.

This week I wanted to try making lemon curd. R and L are not great fans of the shop bought stuff but E just loves anything citrusy, so I'm hoping she will enjoy it.

I used the recipe from the Good Housekeeping book. It was really easy - eggs, butter, sugar and, of course, lemons. Put everything in a bowl over some simmering water, heat whilst stirring for 20 minutes until it thickens and pour into jars. My only problem was interpreting the word 'rind' - did they mean zest or all the peel? In the end I grated the whole peel and it tastes lovely, so I assume that is what you were meant to do. I was worried that it might be too bitter. Anyway, here are some photos:

All the ingredients:

Over the pan of water:

Trying to catch the beautiful colour and failing ...

That's better - sunshine in a jar:

It tasted lovely on toast - E was very pleased - and I might use it to fill some small butterfly cakes. I only made a jar and a half as I don't think it keeps very long.

Just thought I'd show you my WIP, the stripy blanket. I have about 10 more rows to go and then the border. My only problem is that it is so cosy when I am working with it on my lap that I keep falling asleep!

Stretched out on the floor:

On the sofa, meeting its friend Elmer!

Have a good week everyone. Do you have any exciting WIPs that you are enjoying at the moment?

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  1. Beautiful strips, just right for spring. I'm struggling on with a grey and slightly sparkly scarf. On and on, as scarves do! Love the lemon curd, it's one of my favourite things, absolutely delicious.