Monday, 12 October 2020

Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm normally a big fan of Autumn. This year though, I'm feeling a bit 'Blah' about it all. I blame the Coronavirus. I feel as though we have been cheated of our Summer: Seeing less of family; only 3 days of holiday (nice though they were) and the general feeling of doom and anxiety hanging, like the Sword of Damocles, over our heads. So, this week, I've made a concerted effort to look for the good bits that I usually enjoy and I've surprised myself with how many I've found. They've all been there, in the background, just waiting to be noticed. I've just been too busy grumbling and feeling generally sorry for myself to realise. Here then, are this month's happies:

Harvesting my pumpkins from the veggie patch. I usually carve one for Hallowe'en but R has told me that I'm not to encourage any Trick or Treaters this year; dirty, Coronavirus infested beasts that they are! :O)

Enjoying the October edition of Gardeners' World. I bought a year's subscription using my Tesco vouchers and enjoy a monthly 'Titchmarsh Moment' with a cup of tea:

Lighting the first stove of the season:

Enjoying a cheerful splash of yellow on my dining table, courtesy of the neighbours as a thank you for cat-sitting:

Making a picnic and doing the circular walk at Leckhamstead and Peasmore. This is my favourite cottage. I love the shepherd's hut in the garden. There was even the smell of a garden bonfire to add to the autumnal vibes:

Our first trip to the theatre since lockdown. They had it all organised - temperature taken on arrival, table allocated, paper menus on the table to order drinks which magically arrived during the interval. It was at about 25% capacity and it all felt very safe. The play was a 1 man affair, the actor playing multiple characters, swapping between them with impressive speed, and also the banjo and saxophone. It was a good night out with a hint of normality:

Attending a Quentin Blake exhibition. I love his artwork as I always associate it with Roald Dahl's books, a big part of my girls' childhood.

Digging out my Hallowe'en project bag and winding up some spooky yarn - 'Zombie Land' by Fab Funky Fibres:

Casting on a pair of Hallowe'en socks. Well, if I'm not allowed to encourage Trick or Treating, I've got to get my spooky vibes somehow!

Enjoying the changing colours from my kitchen window:

Hot bowls of soup - we've changed from courgette and tarragon to leek and potato and Borscht:

I'm sticking to my 'I will read mainly Classics this year' resolution, apart from my monthly Audible purchase, where I'm getting my crime genre fix! This is Book 4 of the Simon Serrailler series:

Enjoying the Autumn sunshine in between the showers:

Our theme for this term's pottery is 'Colours of Autumn', so I'm making another 'Green' Man for my garden. He still needs firing before I can paint him:

Lastly, E being home before going back to Bristol to finish her MPhil and start job hunting. To be honest, I'm more than a little concerned about the state of the job market at the moment but she's certain that she doesn't want to do a further 2 years and upgrade to a PhD. Hamish made the most of the cuddles while he could:

Well, that's all my happies for the month so far - not a bad haul considering. Throw in some mists to go with the mellow fruitfulness and I'll be a very happy bunny indeed.
Sending all the Autumnal happy vibes your way.

Toodle pip for now. xx


  1. Lots to be happy about. I'm very envious of your theatre visit, sadly no sign of anything opening here. The virus has changed so much of how we feel these days and I agree you have to rise above it. Love the socks : very seasonal and I'M super impressed with your green man. I'm looking forward to a photo of the finished item. Glad you got to see your daughter for a while as was Hamish I'm sure. Stay smiling. B x

  2. There is certainly a sense of dread at the moment with the numbers flying up again, so I get your feeling of blah. Your pumpkins are superb, but you are right in not encouraging bug ridden trick or treaters!Lol!I too am envious of your visit to the theatre and the exhibition, anything normal is just great at the moment. I've gone off Titchmarsh recently as I heard he is a fan of hunting, who would have guessed? It's certainly soup season now, yours looks lovely. Just loved E hugging

  3. Lots of lovely things there, despite everything. Your Green Man is absolutely wonderful. I wonder if you could throw things at trick or treaters. I seem to remember one of the urchins telling me about a sort of funnel contraption that someone invented for shooting sweets out at the filthy creatures from a safe distance. Although of course three of them have already made it over the threshold here. Love Quentin Blake, his illustrations are just genius. CJ xx

  4. You have had a lovely month! You've been to the theatre and to an exhibition! You're doing far better than me. We've been in our second lockdown for the last month :( Love the new 'Green' man. The soups sound yummy!

  5. Your Green Man is absolutely stunning! I'm a huge soup fan too, it's very comforting food isn't it? Your Halloween socks have reminded me that I have a skein of Halloween yarn to cast on too! x

  6. Oh I'm really liking those Halloween socks so far! Lovely view that you have from your window. So glad you were able to enjoy the theatre. All of my recent outings have been well organized too (fewer people allowed, physically distanced, hand sanitizing stations, masks, etc)