Thursday, 17 September 2020

A Whiff of Autumn

Hello there. I hope September finds you all well and coping with whatever Coronavirus restrictions are in place near you at the moment. We are off for a few days this weekend, so I thought I'd grab a minute to unload my camera in preparation. L and J are coming to house and Hamish sit and to enjoy a few days outside  London. Their flat purchase went through smoothly and they have the keys. As the lease doesn't expire on their rental flat until the 30th, they have been taking the opportunity to do a bit of decorating before moving all their belongings across. A few days break will be welcomed by all after, what has been for everyone, a rather trying year. I'm hoping the weather lasts as, despite the leaves starting to change, it's gloriously warm and sunny here at the moment.

After 6 months of going practically nowhere, apart from our daily Government sanctioned exercise and the supermarket, the last few weeks have felt like a social whirl. I've started going swimming again - a slot booked beforehand and temperature checked on arrival. My pottery classes have resumed and I've managed socially distant meetings with many friends. All that and seeing L and J on Friday before a few days away - happy days! 

Here then are my uploaded photos. They have uploaded back to front, so rather than jiggling, I'll just do them in reverse!

A walk on Greenham Common. The site of the old airbase made famous during the protests in the 80s. The cows have a lovely life, wandering and grazing freely. 

Monument to the US airmen who were killed in WWII:
A discovery at the supermarket this week. Verdict? Houmous - nice, marmite - love it, marmite houmous - an acquired taste!
Walking the White Horse Trail again in Pewsey. It's a great spot for a picnic:

Loving the book that L lent me. She read it for her chambers' book group:
After about 15years, R finally got around to reinstalling our weather vane. It gives me happy Mary Poppins vibes whenever I look at it. Especially if the wind's in the East!
A trip to Basildon Park with my friend, C. We sat on tree stumps having our picnic and putting the world to rights! :O)
A circular walk in St. Mary Bourne, which sounds so much like St. Mary Mead that it always reminds me of Miss Marple! I love thatched cottages and the boxing hares also caught my eye:

The last of the greenhouse toms and bay leaves rescued after R pruned the tree:
To be honest, we've done so many walks that I can't recall where this photo was taken. I think it may be West Ilsley:
A trip to Westonbirt Arboretum to meet S and enjoy another picnic!
A trip in Bridget to Woodstock near Oxford:
There was a Dinosaur Garden near to the museum:
Visiting L and J to see their new flat. We had a takeaway supper from Wagamama's and were horrified by the amount of plastic involved!
Visiting a second hand bookshop that L recommended. It was lovely. I bought a copy of 'The 39 Steps' as a souvenir and we admired 'Popeye' the bookshop cat, so called because when he first wandered in off the street  he had an eye infection.
Popeye having a snooze:
Sadly, the seating area was roped off owing to the pandemic:
Popeye practising social distancing!
Finally, R had been repointing the patio. When he came in for a tea break, the ducks decided to leave their own mark. Louis was here! I hope it didn't cause too much difficulty when he tried to swim with his little concrete boots!
Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts. It will be mists and the first lighting of the stove of the season in no time! Take care.
Toodle pip for now. x. 


  1. Lovely photos! Marmite Hummous... not at all sure! Love the hares on the thatched roof. 'A Gentleman in Moscow'? Many friends in my book club loved it. I had to admit, I hated it :( It was long, slow and it nearly killed me to finish it. I do remember it well though, so maybe that's a good thing. Glad you are out and about again. We are going back into 3 weeks lockdown tomorrow :(

  2. Oh I LOVE those duck footprints, how wonderful. At Bristol Zoo, on a side entrance where no-one really ever sees there are some animal footprints in the concrete. There is Marmite everything these days it seems. Marmite cashews and Marmite peanut butter. I am trying to remember a really strange one that the children told me about. It will come to me. Westonbirt is wonderful isn't it, somewhere I've been quite a bit over the years. Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  3. Glad you’ve been able to get out and about a bit more. Sounds like lots of lovely visit. The Gentleman in Moscow was a wonderful read. I’ve just finished the latest Louise Penny set in Paris which was excellent. Hope you have a lovely break away. B x

  4. It sounds like you had a few lovely weeks. The duck prints are cute. I hope by now the concrete boots have worn off by now. We had a take-out recently that came in a million plastic tubs which made me cross although of course the plastic was not unexpected... I am silly like that. The food was delicious though. Have a good week!

  5. How lovely to hear that you have a social life again! Isn't it a pain seeing the numbers shooting up again, it's a case of making hay while the sun shines isn't it. Marmite houmus? Goodness, I must try it as I love all things houmous. Lovely to see your outings, I especially enjoyed the duck prints in the concrete, how wonderful. I was laughing re the weather vane taking 15 years to go up, it's the same around here!The hares on the cottage roof are gorgeous!xxx

  6. My friend has bought me a pot of Marmite houmous in my shopping this week and I'm looking forward to trying it. I might go for a double whammy and have it on Marmite rice cakes! Love the socially distancing cat and those little foot prints! xx

  7. Marmite houmous. Just when you think you've seen everything.

  8. How funny that you had marmite houmous in your supermarket September 2020 - our supermarket has only just started stocking it here in East Anglia September 2021! I don't intend to buy it although Younger Son & I do like marmite and houmous - he'd asked me to get marmite peanut butter & we found the strength wasn't right for us, so better to add marmite to peanut butter to our tastes, & I'm thinking it will be the same with the houmous.