Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A levels, Tea, Wigs and Moomins.

Hello! Well, these blog posts have been few and far between this summer haven't they? The weeks have been running away with me somewhat, so I just thought I'd grab half an hour, upload some photos and have a bit of a catch up.
A level results day came and went. I am so glad that that will be my last time sitting in the car waiting for one of my girls to come out of school clutching an envelope. I find it all so incredibly stressful - far worse than when I sat exams myself. All went well, however - E got 2 A*s, an A and a B and will be off to Bristol uni on September 18th. She is thrilled at the moment as she has just discovered that she has been allocated her first choice of accommodation. She is slowly amassing a pile of stuff to take and I am trying my best not to sob all over it!
We have had a few lovely trips out, trying to make the most of the lovely weather that we have been having recently. E and I went for a trip to Bath - always a treat. We discovered a fantastic tea shop - ie. a shop that sells all things tea related - called T2. There were hundreds of different types and when you had narrowed down your choices, the lovely shopkeepers would brew them for you to try before you made your final decision. I had to stick to the decaff section (caffeine gives me palpitations) where there were lots of lovely tisanes to choose from. After much deliberation and tasting, I settled on Honey Vanilla and it's just lovely. E took even longer to decide, but eventually plumped for Black Rose which smelled divine. We also bought her a lovely aqua teapot to take to uni.
After much searching, we managed to find a lovely little yarn shop where I bought a couple of skeins. No photos, I'm afraid but one was the West Yorkshire Spinners' Kingfisher colourway and the other is a tweedy charcoal yarn, destined to be another hat for E.
 After a long day pootling, we sat in the shade of a tree in a little square and had the obligatory Bath Bun.

 Other happies this week have included:

A family bowling trip. R won (he always wins!) as he manages to bowl it much faster than the rest of us. I'm just happy if I don't end up in the gutter!
A trip to G&D's in Oxford for a bagel lunch. This was R's dessert - there's a brownie under there somewhere!
 E and I went for a walk and a picnic to a nearby lake:

 L, E and I went for a day to London. We started off in Covent Garden. Last time we came, we spotted the Moomin Shop, but kept putting off going in until it was too late. This time it was first on the agenda. It's a little gem of a shop, dedicated to all things Moomin and we spent quite a while browsing before deciding on a little treat each.
I bought a Moomin pot holder which now hangs on one of my kitchen cupboards and is just perfect for cradling a bowl of soup - I have plans for making 'Moominmamma's Evening Soup'.
I also bought a little Moomin charm (yes, I know that's 2 treats!), which I've attached to one of my project bags. Note to self: use more hand cream!
L bought a Moomin flask and E bought a beautiful tin which she plans to keep biscuits in at uni. Then it was off to Kimchee for lunch. 
The main purpose of our trip to London, however, was a visit here:
L has passed her Bar Course and we had to get her a wig and gown for her Call to the Bar ceremony in October. The shop was intimidatingly grand, but the people were actually lovely and didn't seem to mind when we lowered the tone of the oldest wig makers in the country by giggling a lot. It was a proud moment, although more than a little weird seeing my 'baby' all dressed up for court and looking the part - even if she was wearing her converse trainers underneath!

Finally, when L went to uni, E and I knitted her a patchwork blanket to take with her. L and I have been doing the same for E and I am currently in the process of joining them all together.
I have about 5 more rows to go, before doing the edging to keep them all neat. Doing it outside in the sun makes it more bearable.
Anyway, I'd better go. E is currently visiting L in Oxford and I have a list of 'to do' jobs as long as my arm. 
I hope you enjoy the last few days of the summer holidays.

Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. Such exciting times in your family. Well done to E and L. At least you've been through uni with L so you are prepared. The first to go is always hardest I think. Lovely day trips out. I must go to Bath soon but not in tourist season! Good luck for September. B x

  2. Such a lovely post full of lovely things. Congrats to both your girls for their achievements. I love the wig shop! And the moomins (of course). I made j a patchwork quilt when she went to uni last sept, f is off next year so I'm planning fabrics for his, and then there will be one for L when he goes too. I love those kinds of family traditions. X

  3. What talented girls you have, very well done to E, her success is very well deserved. Love the sound of Kimchee, that's one of my favourite things. As are Moomins. MUST get to that shop. I still haven't found that wool shop in Bath. Must try harder. CJ xx

  4. Many congratulations to both of your girls! My friend's daughter is at Bristol Uni, and having a ball. As a Bristolian myself, I can heartily recommend it as a fantastic, vibrant place to live and work in.
    Leanne xx

  5. Ahhhh, congratulations to your clever girls, how proud you must be! I would be sobbing too though, it's strange when they suddenly grow up and move out isn't it? A lovely post and a lovely

  6. Wow! There is a lot going on with your family at the moment. Congratulations on all their wonderful achievements. You have had some lovely days out together!

  7. Congratulations to both your daughters as they move onto the next stages in their lives. You must be incredibly proud of both of them. I enjoyed reading about your days out in Bath and London, you always seem to find some great places to eat. xx

  8. congratulations to all. glad to see all the feasting that was done to celebrate xxx

  9. Congratulations to your girls, and what a lovely post, tea, moomins, wool and food, perfect. We were given a box full of boxes of T2 tea, haven't tried it yet as it is packed away somewhere, I'm off to search for it now you have reminded me.

  10. Wow, your girls must make you so proud. Such high achievers, both of them, and yet clearly lovely people too. Making a patchwork blanket to take to Uni is such a lovely idea. x

  11. So many wonderful things to celebrate, what wonderful achievements!

  12. Wonderful achievements! I am enjoying your photos ♥

  13. I missed this post somehow so am catching up a little! Congratulations to your daughter, Bristol is a lovely city. I lived there a long time ago! Loved your trip to Bath (my old Uni) and will look for the tea shop when we next visit. You must be so proud of both your girls. Can't wait to see the blanket when it's done. What a special thing to be able to take away. xxx