Thursday, 22 January 2015

'Use up the stash' Garden Throw

Greetings! I'm joining in with Planet Penny's 'Happy Friday' again. I feel very lucky this week because I seem to have had so many happy moments, it's been difficult to choose a favourite. I think, however, that it has to go to my 'Use up the Stash' Garden Throw. Since learning to crochet last year, I've made 4 blankets and have managed to accumulate quite a bit of stash. It seemed a pity to let it go to waste, so a quick visit to attic24 for inspiration and ...........
 It's not as big as a blanket - hence the term 'throw' - and it was intended to liven up a wicker chair in the bedroom. Looking at the photo below, I think the cushion could do with a bit of a revamp too!
Thanks to Lucy, once again, for her fantastic and easy to follow tutorials. There does seem to be quite a bit of stash left, so I'm thinking maybe a picnic blankie next!

Other happies this week include:
An Oxfam find. This book has lots of lovely recipes which 'Minnie' and I are itching to try out. 

 'Loaf of the Week' - Ciabatta:
This was rather fun to make as the dough is incredibly wet and you think that it's never going to work. Paul Hollywood does seem to know what he's talking about though!

Kale crisps - I've been meaning to try these for a while. We like Kale and Hamish, the rabbit, goes mad for it, so there's usually some in the fridge. I did like these and felt rather virtuous tucking into them, as opposed to a packet of Walkers, the only problem was the smell - the house stank for the rest of the day. It was too cold to open the windows and, despite the best efforts of the extractor fan and my spruce scented candle, it did linger rather!

This week's selection of library books. I'm currently enjoying the new series of 'Broadchurch' on Monday evenings, so the top book is to refresh my memory of the first series. Having been to see 'The Theory of Everything' at the cinema (very good - watch out for the Oscar for Eddie Redmayne), I was inspired to get a Stephen Hawking book out. I have a feeling that it might go completely over my head but I'll give it a go. Finally, the quilting book is to give me some inspiration for the new quilt I have planned. I want to make a 'graduation quilt' for L in time for this Summer.
I thought she might go for blue and white and , when I asked her, that was her knee jerk reaction. On giving it more thought, however, she decided that she had quite a bit of blue stuff  (blankets and the like), so decided on greens and yellow. 'Spring-like' was the term used. Do you think these fabrics fit the brief? If you don't like them Sweetie - speak now!

It's marmalade time of year again and it was made so much easier this year by a few jam-related Christmas presents. First was a Kilner preserving pan which means I'm not kept hovering anxiously, expecting it to boil over the cooker top at any moment.
Look at all the extra room I have!
Second was a jam funnel, which made the whole process of jarring it up a doddle. Then, Santa also brought me some cute labels and fabric tops.
Here is the final product, after I'd had fun playing:

The chickens, after much hint dropping, bought me a skein of grey yarn for Christmas (yes, sadly, the animals do buy us gifts!). I'd seen a scarf that I loved on a blog a while ago but for the life of me I couldn't remember which one. So this is the result of my winging it:

Of course, after I'd finished it Joules at Sew Sweet Violet posted pictures on her blog of her 2014 makes and, wouldn't you know it, there was the scarf! Joules' version can be seen here. Hers is so much neater, with a much snazzier edging and, if I'd done alternate rows, I could have used up more of that stash! Oh well.

Finally, the sun was spectacular on this morning's school run. These photos were taken in the school car park. E humoured her mother and, risking ridicule from her school friends, bravely jumped out of the car, camera in hand, and tried to capture the moment for me. Sadly, the photos don't do it justice. The colour was much more intense and the view better from the school drive, where you could see it through the trees throwing the silhouetted branches into sharp relief. It would have meant risking life and limb though, so I'm grateful for the ones she managed to get!

Anyway, that's all for the moment. Wishing you all a fun-filled and cosy weekend.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. I can't believe how you recently learned to crochet and made all those blankets! That is great. This blanket is absolutely beautiful - I love the way you did the border. Looks like you have been busy creating lots of fun items. Happy Friday :)

  2. What a lovely lot of Happy Friday things!

  3. Lots of things to make you happy in this post. If you have more stash to use up you may be interested in Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 which has only just started over at

    Your marmalade looks very tasty in the pretty jars. Santa new just how to 'float your boat' :)

  4. A lovely post! You've been very busy since you learnt to crochet, and your throw is gorgeously pretty and flowery. We have the same wicker chair as you which has a few of my crocheted cushions on it. I love your scarf and am tempted to have a go myself, and am impressed by the kale crisps - I've been thinking about trying those as well. Finally your sunset photos are lovely, pale and wintry. Well done - I'm very inspired!
    Cathy x

  5. Love the throw! And I love the fact I've managed to subscribe so will now get your posts!xxx

  6. Your makings are wonderful! That blanket is beautiful!!! And the marmalade looks delicious!!! I would say there is a lot of happy to found in your week!!! All the best!!! Nicole xo

  7. More beautiful skies! I do like the collection of green fabrics too, looking forward to seeing what you make...

  8. Popping over from Planet Penny's Linky party for Happy Friday. You have such a lot of happy moments there, all lovely. I really like your throw - so colourful xxx

  9. Wow what a lot you cram into a week!!!! Your throw is so cute! love the colours! Hope you have another lovely happy week xx

  10. Ooh, I do like the look of your marmalade! It's something that I've thought of having a go at for years but haven't quite got round to it. Maybe one day! xx

  11. Gosh you have had a busy happy week. Your garden throw is beautiful, I love the colours. Your marmalade looks delicious. Have a very happy weekend.
    Ali xx

  12. You have been busy!! I made a summer garden throw last year and I love it! It always makes me so happy to see it! We love kale chips also. I sprinkle sea salt and sesame seeds on mine. Could eat them all day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Your marmalade looks great - I've bought some oranges but not had a chance to do anything with them yet. I definitely need a preserving pan as I worry constantly that my jams will go all over the hob. And jam funnels - yes, they are brilliant. Less sticky jars! I really like your new scarf - grey is such a great neutral to go with other colours. xx

  14. Goodness, what a productive life you have! Your blanket is gorgeous, just the thing for brightening a chair. The marmalade looks so pretty in the jars, i bet its delicious too :)

  15. You've had a great week! I'm in love with your is simply gorgeous.
    Marianne x

  16. Looks like you've had a busy but happy week - very inspirational!

  17. Loving the Spring greens and yellows for the graduation quilt, hope it is the final choice and your granny square throw is beautiful. I am always amazed at so many patterns, so many colour choices and the fact they all really make me smile.

  18. You have so much going on. I love your throw, it came out really well. Your scarf too. And your marmalade looks delicious. I hope this will be another great week.

  19. Comment attempt no. 2: Thank you! The quilt colours are lovely. I also very much like the look of your scarf. You must have made it incredibly quickly! I'm glad 'Santa''s contributions to the marmalade-making were appreciated. I definitely have my eye on one of those jars... xxx