Monday, 8 February 2021

February Musings

I was tempted to call this post 'You Have No Authority Here, Jackie Weaver!' For those who missed all the excitement, the quotation comes from a video of a Handforth Parish Council meeting that took place in December. It went viral this week, causing more of a sensation than any BBC drama. It makes you proud to be British and leaves you wanting both a prequel and a sequel. Some teenagers even set it to music! It did, however, leave me wondering who actually posted it online, as no-one involved seemed to cover themselves in glory. Still, it provided a bit of excitement and, I think we can all agree, that there's not much of that at the moment.

Not much to report here this month, I'm afraid. For what they're worth, here are a few photos of what has been keeping me busy during Lockdown #3:

Finishing my Christmas jigsaw from L. Sadly, there was 1 piece missing - the perils of purchasing from a charity shop, I suppose. I enjoyed the bird part but the sea of cream was a bit of a challenge. I have said that I will pass it onto L next time we meet, so that she can enjoy it too! :O)

Winding  up some yarn to make the 'Jason's Cashmere Hat' pattern:
The finished article plus a pompom that I had lying around:

Llama (or is it an alpaca?) spotted on our walk round Calleva:

The Roman walls were impressive:
We had snow earlier in the month and, as I write, there are more flakes falling, although it's showing no sign of sticking yet:
We went for a walk to Bagnor and the snow cleaned our muddy boots nicely!

Playing with my birthday underglazes:

Winding up the leftovers of my Advent Calendar from Barbara into a magic ball to add to my scrappy crochet blanket:
It formed the rows above the royal blue stripe:
Enjoying a spiced cranberry and walnut muffin whilst pondering seeds:
Finishing my Christmas Eve cast on socks:

A walk in Leckhamstead and Peasemore:
Cutting out pattern pieces for a Granny Chic dress:
Taking part in the RSPB garden bird watch. We were very big on mallards and great tits but the pheasants, moorhen, goldfinches and 2 types of woodpecker waited until I had submitted our results before making an appearance!
This deer crashed through the bushes at one point, scaring away all the birds. On a brighter note, Stumpy (our 3 legged deer) is still around. He was absent for a while and I was worried that he had died but I spotted him helping himself to the rosemary this week:
Vegan Twix, recipe to be found here. To be fair it tasted a bit more like Millionaire's shortbread than a twix bar, but it was yummy nevertheless.
Enjoying supermarket tete a tetes:

Well, that's all for this post. I hope you are all well and surviving lockdown. I'd love to hear what you are up to and how you are keeping your mind off the pandemic. 

Toodle pip for now. x 


  1. Despite lockdown you seem to have kept busy. Love the finished socks and the yarn :). Well done on the dress cutting out. That is one of my challenges this year to get more sewing done. So far the machine is still in the cupboard. Love the jigsaw but I can imagine how hard the cream is. I’m missing our Christmas puzzle. Once the charity shops are open again I’ll have to hunt one out. Love the glazes, they always feel a little likemagic once they are fired and change colour. Stay cosy in this chilly weather. B x

  2. Ha! My long tailed tits and great tits waited until the hour was up to make an appearance. We also had a red kite fly over very low but we couldn't count it as it didn't land!
    I am looking forward to seeing your finished dress. I am making one using the same pattern but got into a bit of a muddle so it has been in the naughty corner for several months. I am worried that it might be beyond rescue!
    Have a good week.

  3. It looks like you have been on some nice walks and are keeping busy. The missing jigsaw piece is annoying but it's a lovely picture. Love your hat and those socks. Glad that Stumpy came back!

  4. Love the pottery glazes, nicely done indeed. It's very satisfying when snow cleans off the boots isn't it. None here this time but it is icy so I took the opportunity to lift the top layer of pond off along with all the duckweed. Also v satisfying. I haven't been up to much except working lately. Great to have the work, but I wouldn't mind the odd day off. Lots of dog walking being done though, which is good. CJ xx

  5. Oh, that Jackie weaver saga! Brilliant stuff!!! I love that jigsaw, what a shame about the missing piece. I could do with that lovely hat and socks, it's perishing around these parts. I'm jealous of all your snow, it hasn't stuck here. Wow, fab glazes, how beautiful. I love your deer and am relieved poor stumpy is still

  6. Nice to catch up. We've come out of Lockdown #3 this week and I've had my second vaccine shot but normal still seem a long long way off.

  7. Love the fabric your project bag is made of, did you make it yourself or buy it already made up? I've got the wool for those socks still waiting to be cast on I'm afraid. Love the pottery that's something I'd like to try maybe after lockdown perhaps.
    Joan x

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for popping by. The project bag was a bought one, I'm afraid. It's from 'Mrs. Brown's Bags' ie. Jodi from 'Grocery Girls Knit'. I've had it a few years now but I think she still makes them. Good luck with the socks. xx

  8. So many lovely things! I'm glad you have lots of different pursuits to distract you. The vegan Twix looks interesting. (I love Millionaire's shortbread!) I've seen photos of people wearing that Granny Chic dress and like it, so I will be interested to see how yours turns out. xxx

  9. You've been busy. I love the socks and hat. The pompom gave the hat just the right touch. Thanks for sharing the vegan Twix. It looks like a winner to me! Have a wonderful day.