Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Indoors and Out

What Ho, Old Beans! I've just noticed that my camera is filling up again, so I thought that I'd take a moment to unload it and write a quick post.  November has been pretty uneventful: we've managed a bit more decorating (we seem to be on a bit of a roll with that at the moment!), seen L and E a few times and made the most of the weather whilst it has been fine - cold, but sunny. 
Anyway, here are a few shots from my month:
E came home for a weekend at the beginning of the month. I drove to Bristol to collect her and we had lunch at the River Cottage Canteen before the return journey.

 I had never been here before and we really enjoyed it. The setting was pretty and there was a good choice of veggie (and vegan - yes, we're still going!) food. We shared some mezze with E eating the feta and tsatsiki. The bread was absolutely delicious; consequently, I ate too much of it, too quickly and ended up with abdominal pain later. It was almost worth it though!
 A trip to our local theatre to see 'The Secret Keeper'. It was quirky and entertaining but I think that I enjoyed it more than R.
 Another trip to Bristol to hear E playing in a concert. She plays the violin and the Baroque group was fantastic.
 More deer. This time with a baby in tow. E named it 'Herbert':
 Later, they came right up onto the patio where the mother proceeded to give Herbert a thorough wash. Sadly, I had put my camera away at this point and I didn't want to spook them by moving.
 A trip to Roman Silchester on a sunny Sunday:
 Local Alpaca:

 Stained glass in the little church:
 The remains of the amphitheatre:

 Watching a farmer and his dog herding sheep. The funniest part was the fact that everyone who walked by and spotted them immediately said 'Come by'! One Man and His Dog (which I found strangely soothing) has a lot to answer for!

 Finishing decorating the bathroom - we only started it when L went off to uni 5 years ago!
 A crafty day spent making patchwork coasters:
 Knitting Christmas socks with the West Yorkshire Spinners' 'Candy Cane' colourway:
 A dog walk with a friend:
  ....... and finally, a trip to London for L's birthday. We went here for lunch and were completely thrown by the fact that we had a choice on the menu!
Well, that's all for this week - and probably November. Wishing you all a peaceful week - before we know it, the 'C' word will be upon us and life will be anything but!
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. A busy month by the look of things! Love all your craft as always and really interested in how the vegan diet goes. Are you enjoying it? It’s good that restaurants and cafes have vegan options. Glad to hear the girls are getting on well. Hope Hamish is too xx

  2. How lovely to see deer in your garden. Well done you at keeping to your vegan diet. That must take some will power. Love the patchwork coasters and socks. I too am still knitting socks. Will I ever stop. Bet you were so proud seeing your daughter play :). B x

  3. You've been so busy! The food at River Cottage looks delicious. Love your coasters and of course I am a total sucker for stripy socks! Have a good week. xx

  4. A busy month for you! The spread at River Cottage looks good and the tiles on the counter are the same as in our kitchen! The deer are very sweet - how lovely to have them in your garden. I remember going to Silchester on a school trip, and yes, I think watching 'One Man and his Dog' is as reassuring as listening to the Shipping Forecast. Have a good week.
    Cathy x

  5. The food at the River Cottage Canteen looks delicious! I really would miss cheese - you are doing very well! The deer are beautiful. Great pics!

  6. Lunch looks wonderful. And I love your coasters as well. Another fine post.

  7. How lovely that E plays the violin, my sister did too, it is such a beautiful instrument. Loved all the pics, especially mother and fawn. Bless. You do have some fantastic meals! Glad you are still vegan, I'm still looking for decent vegan cheeses, the good ones are about ten quid a block....so not buying them! xxx