Monday, 20 March 2017

Mr. Tom and Caractacus Potts

Good morning! As predicted, after our roofer postponed owing to impending bad weather, apart from one day of intermittent light showers, the rest of the week was glorious! C'est la vie. I'm now crossing everything for a sunny April.
On Sunday, R and I went off on a little jaunt to Turville, a quaint little village in the Chilterns and favourite location of many a TV programme. The film adaptation of one of my favourite children's books - 'Goodnight Mr. Tom' by Michelle Magorian - was filmed here and the beautiful Cobstone windmill, high on the hill overlooking the village, was the home of Caractacus Potts and family in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
We have been here many times over the years and there are some lovely circular walks in the area. Here are some of yesterday's photos:
If you look closely, you can just see Bridget the Midget parked near the phone box:

Bridget getting in on the action again:

It's a lovely place for a visit if you're nearby and, if you don't have a handy picnic, the pub sells food.

Other happies this week:

I finally got around to clearing out the greenhouse and sowed my seeds for March. My lovely new seed holder was a Christmas present from L:

This one I took because I was so thrilled to see some sun and blue sky:
On the craft front, I had a bit of Moomin fabric and decided to try my hand at a project bag. I'm rather pleased with the results and will probably give it to L. She does a bit of knitting now and then but only has a huge bag for holding her supplies, so this may be handy if she's out and about.

R and I went to our local Corn Exchange to see Ibsen's Heddar Gabler live from the National. We really enjoyed it, but did suffer from a little picnic envy. The play started at 7pm, so people tend to take along food and eat during the interval. I was rather looking forward to our cheese, salad and jalapeno baguettes ..... until I looked around. The couple in front poured from a flask into 2 small cups. I thought how lovely that they had brought tea (we had water bottles!). Then they clinked cups and, sniffing suspiciously, I realised that they were drinking wine. The man to R's right then brought out a cheese board - I kid you not. Everywhere we looked there were signs of picnics far superior to our sad little baguettes. I actually considered waiting until the lights went down before taking out our shameful offerings! Next time I shall be prepared: I'm making veggie sushi and wine will be smuggled in!
When my Dad died last year, he left me a bit of money and I decided that I would like to buy something for the garden. I had wanted a swing seat for a while, so we waited until the weather seemed to be improving and then ordered this:
I love it, especially the sturdy little side tables which are just perfect for lunch in the garden. We've positioned it in my happy place down by the river, so I can swing, think of my Dad and share my lunch with the ducks.
The final things that have made me smile this week are all floral:
My jug of tulips:

More daffodils than you can shake a stick at:
........ and my pink Camellia against a blue sky.
Now I'm just waiting for the blossom on the trees and I shall be a very happy bunny indeed.
Wishing you all a spring-filled week.
Toodle pip for now. x


  1. What a lovely idea to have a swing seat in memory of your dad. I'm sure it will get lots of use. The windmill made me laugh. For several years Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was the film my children loved to watch. I think I could probably quote the script word perfectly :). Lots of lovely things in your garden and I love the moomin bag. I'd definitely smuggle the wine in for your next viewing. Enjoy :). B x

  2. What an absolutely perfect way to sit and remember your Dad, or indeed just sit and be. I'm a little envious of your Hedda viewing. Our cinema was screening it, but I wasn't able to go. Had I, I would have smuggled in gin in a can and a bag of peanut m&ms lol. No sophisticated picnics for me either!
    Leanne xx

  3. How pretty. I do like the sound of Bridget the Midget and a nice tribute to your dad.

  4. What wonderful photos! Looks like you had a nice little trip. Love the Moomin fabric, and your swing set. Such a wonderful way to remember your dear Dad. Thank you for stopping by my blog x

  5. That's a lovely seat. What a nice connection to have in the garden with your dad. Love the look of th village and I did giggle about the picnic. We're not sophisticated when it comes to picnics either. Usually something in a pitta in a sandwich bag with crisis and an apple if you're lucky! Xx

    1. Cheese. Not crisis. Sometimes I wonder what my phone is thinking with these auto corrects!

  6. Ahhhh, I love your seat and you have chosen the perfect spot for it.
    You have me laughing re other people lavish picnics, I too always smuggle wine in now!Hope you manage it next time. That looks like a lovely day out, what a quaint place.Glad you have your seeds sown, and that is one lovely little project bag. How I wish I could create something like

  7. Well Bridget the Midget is just gorgeous and she looks right at home in that picture-perfect village, far better than our boring seven seater anyway. You made me giggle with the picnic story, oh the shame! I thought your baguettes sounded rather tasty but next to a cheese board (!) I guess they looked a bit lame. The moomin project bag is delightful, especially with the little zip pull. Such lovely things, it looks like spring is doing it's thing most delightfully in your corner of the world. x

  8. My husband has been to Turville, he thought it was charming. I believe The Vicar if Dibley was filmed there too. X

  9. I missed this post! The swing seat is so lovely, you will be able to relax and remember your Dad. I love your Moomin bag too. The lining you chose is perfect!