Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer snippets

Greetings! Gosh, it's been a while since I last posted; these summer days just seem to run away with me. I hope those of you in the UK have been enjoying our mini heatwave. Our hose has been put to good use and I had to go up into the loft to find our fan - sadly, I haven't got a photo of Hamish sitting in front of it with his fur ruffling in the breeze! So far though, it does seem a bit cooler today.
We're going to be packing soon (have I told you how much I detest packing? Sometimes I think I'd rather not go than have to pack!) to go off on our little adventure. J&B are at the ready for Hamish, chicken and house sitting, so I thought I'd just clear my camera in preparation. 
Here are a few photos of our last couple of weeks:
Enjoying my sweet peas:
 We have a new chili plant with very vertical fruits:
 Making lavender shortbread:

 Accidentally snipping a poppy whilst weeding the veggies:
 E and Hamish sharing a Wimbledon moment - he's currently moulting; just look at the fur on E's jeans!
 Hamish sunbathing:
 Anniversary flowers - or should I say the emergency 'Oh no, I've forgotten our anniversary for the second year running, I'd better order some on the internet for same day delivery'  flowers!
 Enjoying my colourful washing:
 Our new veggie stockade to keep out the deer:
 'Mad Henry' - E and I bought this as a souvenir of our trip to Devon. The guesthouse doubled as a vintage tea room (Mad Henry's Tea Room) and they also sold garden ornaments made locally. He's a bit tacky but I love him for reminding me of a fabulous few days. He now lurks at the base of a tree in the back garden and R complains that he scowls at him - an extra benefit!
 Hamish isn't the only one moulting!
 Our summer manifesto included 'going out for breakfast'.  Initially we ordered crepes but the poor lad running the kitchen kept burning them; I have a feeling that it may have been his first day. In desperation, he offered us waffles instead - they were enormous and we didn't want anything else until supper!

 My single sunflower - the slugs saw to all the rest:
 The veggie stockade is working:
 We chose the hottest day so far to go fruit picking - it was punishing out in those fields!

It was too hot for jam making and a lack of freezer space meant that we limited ourselves:
 Finally, a joint jigsaw - actually I have enormous difficulty with shapes and only managed 12 pieces. L did all the rest!

Well, that's all for this week. I shall be absent from Blogland for a few weeks, so please excuse the lack of comments, but I look forward to having a huge catch up session on our return. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
Toodle pip for now. x


  1. Love the sound of your Lavendar shortbread! I hate packing too, especially if we are staying in a cottage and you have to remember all the domesticcy things as well. Enjoy your break. B x

  2. Ooh, where are you off to? Hope you have a lovely time. Such a lovely post with so many fab things. I love the picture of Hamish watching the tennis :-). And the squares on your blanket are perfect and put mine to shame! Glad to see you all enjoying an excessively healthy breakfast too :-) xx

  3. No wonder is going by so quickly, you are getting a lot done! Enjoy your vacation.

  4. Have a great time wherever you may roam!
    Leanne xx

  5. What a delightful post! Som many wonderful things happening down your way. Enjoy your travelling wherever you end up!

  6. A lovely post - I can almost smell the sweet peas! Poor Hamish in the heat - I struggled, and I don't have fur! Your lavender shortbread looks delicious, and the sunflowers are stunning. Your fruit-picking was very restrained, as we always manage to come away with more than we planned. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Cathy x

  7. so many lovely things here! have a great trip x

  8. Have a lovely holiday! Enjoyed your post. Love the sweet peas, the scowling garden pig... and what a breakfast!!!

  9. Oh, I totally get how awful packing is!!! Have a fabulous holiday!7You had me smiling re the forgotten anniversary, I think we've all had the emergency flowers. Good grief, the SIZE of that waffle!xxx

  10. So many lovely things in this post. I am curious to try lavender shortbread having seen yours. Have a lovely holiday! xxx

  11. I love your newsy posts, full of goodness and lovely things. Those waffles look epic, I wish we had somewhere locally that did waffles. In fact, they look more like dessert than breakfast! I hope you're having a lovely time away. xx