Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Whatever happened to the sunny weather? I'm sitting here writing in a woolly jumper and thick socks - I can't believe that it's July. For the past few years it seems as though we've had some glorious weather in May and June (ie. 'exam season') which peters out into dismal gloom just in time for the summer holidays. Perhaps it's just me only remembering the bad bits, but it does seem a trifle unfair when the much longed for summer is anything but sunny.
Anyway, moan over. E is now back from Germany having enjoyed her tour and we've spent a couple of days just pottering about at home.
Hamish has played dens with a dressing gown and dining room chair:
 I made a cardamom cake. Recipe to be found here. Annette's looked much better but it is a delicious recipe.
 We went for a walk in the gloom - just look at that sky!

 If I can't have actual sun, I'll settle for sunshine on my table:
 I played with my patchwork stars:
 Rippled a bit more of E's Dorset Blanket - at least it's keeping my knees warm!
 ... and made East African Wilderness Sweet Potato Patties:
Recipe to be found in this book or here:
There's lots of yummy spice grinding to do which makes the kitchen smell divine and the cayenne makes them lovely and warming. I'll be onto winter stews next if things don't buck up!

After my last post, a few people asked for my favourite breakfast smoothie recipe. To be honest, I just tend to throw things in on a whim but I took note of what I was doing this morning and it involved milk (I usually use almond or soya but any will do), a banana, some oats, a tablespoonful of chia seeds, a small handful of spinach or kale (you really don't taste it!), a handful of forest fruit berries from the freezer and a medjool date. You can omit the forest fruits and add a spoonful of cocoa if you want that chocolatey hit. Somehow smoothies seem to really suit us for breakfast - E doesn't really like eating a huge amount first thing but this slips down just fine, L is pretty easy to please as a rule (just don't show her a mushroom!) but likes to eat healthily and I tend to feel a bit sluggish if I have toast or anything similar. R still opts for his toast and cereal but will happily have some smoothie if I make too much. All in all, they're a real winner.

Anyway, I think I'll round up the girls and we can go for another walk in the gloom. It's L's graduation on Friday, so I'm keeping everything crossed for some sunny weather! Enjoy the rest of the week.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. I know what you mean about the weather although the sun is actually shining here today. Love your wee patchwork stars! So pretty. And your crochet blanket is looking great. Have a lovely week.
    Marianne x

  2. I hope that all goes well for L's graduation! I am cold today too, in fact I was just sitting with a blanket wrapped around me! I wish that the sun would come out!!! xx

  3. I used to be into smoothies, but then read about the fact that you aren't getting all the fibre. What do you think of the Nutribullet? They sound a better idea, I might get one of those x

  4. You're right, the weather always seems to turn wet when the schools finish for summer. We're in north Wales, and it's definitely damp and chilly here! Smoothies might suit me for breakfast, I don't usually eat until 9.30am or later, but a smoothie might be nice for earlier on. Glad that E is safely back and that she had a good time. CJ xx

  5. Is it just me or are we not getting two days alike with the weather at the moment or even bits of the day. We went for a walk yesterday morning in lovely sunny weather but by the afternoon we had teaming rain! I hooe Friday turns out to be a glorious day for L's graduation and you have an enjoyable day on this special occasion. xx

  6. It is actually sunny here today and we were able to eat lunch outside for a change! I hope the sun is shining in your part of the UK too!

  7. You and me both re the wooly jumpers! It does seem unfair that we never get a decent summer!
    I just loved that piccie of's always good to see such a well cared for and much loved rabbit.
    Those patchwork stars are simply gorgeous...and...sighs I...oh! Those patties look utterly mouthwateringly delicious!xxx

  8. I woke up to rain earlier, but the sun is weakly pushing through now. Thank goodness, because I have plans to take Pops to Penzance prom for scootering and park play. The boy needs to use up his fizzing energy levels somewhere. Thanks for the smoothie advice; I just need to get my act in gear with that one. I find that the long holiday makes me feel sluggish. I stop eating properly, and fall back into bad habits. I hope that your daughter's graduation was great. I watched some graduates come out of Bristol Cathedral on a recent trip home, and it all looked wonderful.
    Leanne xx

  9. Lovely post! Your blanket is looking good. I'm not a big smoothie fan but yours sound delish! X

  10. I agree, the weather has been such a let down. The best weather always seems to occur mid week, mid term. I love the sound of those patties and the smoothies. x

  11. We had a cold, wet few days in Holland last week too - I was frozen on a couple of occasions! It looks like Hamish is enjoying himself, though. I hope L's graduation went well too. The cake looks delicious and the smoothie advice is useful as my daughter D is very keen on making them lately, especially green ones. I might try some for breakfast too :)
    Cathy x

  12. The sky looks somewhat "dramatic"! I hope things change weather-wise soon. Those patties sound delicious. I love anything with sweet potatoes in them - yum!