Thursday, 6 August 2015


Well, weren't we the lucky ones? After a week of dismal weather, the day of L's Graduation dawned to something that actually felt like summer. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and (despite the fact that I had eaten something that disagreed with me so that I spent most of the day with abdominal pain and a rather strong urge to vomit) a fine time was had and we couldn't have been prouder of our girl. 
We started the day with coffee at her college followed by the ceremony itself at the Sheldonian Theatre. Then it was back to college for a canape reception and the traditional throwing up (not me this time!) of mortar boards. Here are just a few snaps of the many taken on the day:

 The top of the Sheldonian - see that blue sky?!
 A few photos inside before it filled up:

A memento of the day:
.... and a cake from the amazing cake shop in the covered market - every time we visit Oxford we watch them decorating the cakes so graduation seemed a good excuse to buy one. It was yummy!
 Other happies this week:

A visit to Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. The girls bought a family ticket for R for Father's Day and this was our first opportunity to go
 Yup, there were LOTS of tanks!
 Not quite my cup of tea but there were a few things that I enjoyed: the music from the 40s and 50s playing in the background, the ride on a tracked vehicle, the artwork done by POWs and a war time kitchen:

 I quite like the sound of Soup for Air Raids:
 Sorry, no idea who this chap is - I just wanted a photo of our vehicle! It was a very bumpy ride around an extremely dusty track but great fun.
 On the way home we stopped off briefly at Tolpuddle. If you click on the photos, the writing may be large enough to read:

We went raspberry picking at our local fruit farm: 
 Enough for a pavlova and some for the freezer:
 E bought some quail eggs from the farm shop:
 My tubers from Poundland grew - money well spent I think:
 .... and the passion flower is thriving:
Sickness aside, not a bad week. Fingers crossed for some more of that blue sky at the weekend.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. Poor you - I hope you feel much better soon! What a wonderful venue and amazing weather for L's graduation. I'm sure you were very proud! The little wartime kitchen is very sweet, and your flowers are looking good too. Hope you enjoy those delicious raspberries :)
    Cathy x

  2. Weren't you lucky with the weather! Send my congratulations to L for the graduation - the cake looks great but did it taste nice, that's the most important part! Xx

  3. Congratulations L, and what a wonderful day, although I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. The world is her oyster now I think. I like the sound of Air Raid Soup as well, I like to have a look at the recipes from the days of rationing. Wishing you all a good weekend. CJ xx

  4. Sorry you were under the weather for your daughter's graduation, but pleased to see that otherwise you had a lovely day. Those raspberries look delish! I am enjoying raspberries in my porridge for breakfast at the moment. Mmmmmm!

  5. Many congratulations on daughter's graduation. And how lucky to have a perfect day of weather. Did you find your own ideal graduation outfit? The graduands are lucky, just having to conform to the strict dress code!

  6. Congratulations on your daughters graduation, I'm sorry you spent the day feeling grotty x

  7. A lovely week! Congratulations! Hoping the blue sky is still there...

  8. Big congratulations to L, what a tremendous achievement, and I'm so glad the weather bucked it's ideas up in time for the special day.

    My husband has been campaigning for a day out to the tank museum for some time now. I am less keen, but I'm pleased to see there is something there I'll enjoy when I do inevitably get dragged there... x

  9. Big congrats! The cakes look like fun. Pavlova - oh my! Love it. X