Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dyrnham Park

Greetings! Tuesday saw me whizzing off in the direction of Bath to visit Dyrnham Park with a friend. It's a Baroque country house and deer park run by the National Trust. The roof is currently being renovated and so there was a lot of scaffolding in evidence. It did mean, however, that (acrophobia permitting) you could don a reflective jacket, take a wobbly lift and do a tour of the renovations. It was mostly enclosed with tarpaulins, so wasn't in fact too vertiginous. 
 We were rather fond of this griffin:
 .... and Mercury:
 The view from the unenclosed bit:

 After a collections tour around the house itself - my favourite part being 2 mummified rats named Martin and Colin after the builders who discovered them - we went for a walk round the gardens. We stood watching this coot's nest in the middle of the lake for ages. I never realized that coots were such good parents. The father scoured the lake for bits of food and took them back to pass  to the mother. She broke it up and fed it carefully to the cute offspring. We could only see one chick (they were quite far away) but she may well have been sitting on more. All the while we were watching, neither parent seemed to eat anything; it all went to the chick.
 Then it was off to the deer park to watch the amazingly tame deer:

 They were divided into 2 herds - the males in one part of the park and the females and young in another. The males were in the process of losing the velvet on their antlers. I'm sure it's not, but it looked quite painful as the velvet hung down in bloody strips in some places. Then it was a long scenic route back to the car park and home.
Other happies this week are non-photo ones - E did herself proud with her AS results and also managed to pass her driving theory test this weekend. Despite all that, I've been feeling a bit blue for the last few days, so there is a sad lack of other photos I'm afraid. Hope to be back to normal next week.
Toodle pip for now. x


  1. A very different view of Dyrham Park, I haven't been there for a few years now. How exciting to be on the roof of a stately home! I'm glad you had a good visit, and congratulations to E. Hope you feel a bit perkier soon.
    Cathy x

  2. How beautiful. We have Lyme Hall park near us. Love the deer. X

  3. Many congratulations to E, that's brilliant. And how lovely to see Dyrham Park. It's close enough for an afternoon out for me, but I haven't been for ages, you've reminded me of it. I'm so sorry you're feeling blue, it's not a nice feeling is it. I do hope it passes very soon. In the meantime, do look after yourself and take it easy. Sending you a cyber hug. CJ xx

  4. The griffen is certainly something! DID say mummified rats???? Struth!
    Coots are amazing parents, loved your pic of them and the deer, does look painful but apparently doesn't hurt....
    Oh...well done to E! Wonderful news, and sorry you have been feeling blue, here's to sunnier moments for you!xxx

  5. Congratulations to your daughter on the various exams results! Amazing to see the roof of the house while it is being worked on. The griffin is wonderful isn't it, I can see why you liked it so much! xx

  6. Big hugs to E, well done all round, must take after her mum! Hope you feel more cheery soon, but we are all entitled to 'off' days xx

  7. Many congrats to E for her AS Level success. I used to visit Dyrham Park lots when I was younger. I didn't appreciate it then. The griffin is fab. So sorry that you've been feeling blue. Look after yourself, and I hope this finds you feeling a little brighter.
    Leanne xx

  8. Mummified rats? I think the deer are rather more appealing! Looks like a nice day out.

  9. I hope you're feeling perkier now & huge congratulations to your daughter. Visiting the roof looks huge fun, I'd love to do something like that xx

  10. Dyrham has been our stopping off point for holidays to Pembrokeshire for decades. I especially like the library and there is a little corner with multiple angles and views through into other rooms which always reminded me of Dutch interior paintings. The deer park and Orangery are other favourite parts too. The weather isn't helping our summertime blues. My cure is to be busy, if I wallow I just feel worse.

  11. What a lovely place! And lovely news about E.

  12. Lovely photos. Hope you are feeling better now. Congrats to your daughter on her double success!