Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bath Skyline

Goodness, it's been a while hasn't it? Time seems to have flown by this Easter and this little space of mine has been sadly neglected of late. We are still, thankfully, in the middle of the Easter holidays - even though they are somewhat blighted by A2 revision. The weather has been a bit hit and miss - glorious sunshine one day and storms the next. Our great British weather certainly does keep us on our toes.

Yesterday, however, was a real gem of a day, luckily for my friend, S, and me as we had arranged to have a trip to Bath to walk the Bath Skyline (See here). Well, it turned out to be a wonderful day out with stunning views of Bath, walks in woods, through fields of lambs and general up hill and down dale stuff. If you live close enough, pack a picnic, put on your walking boots and get out there; it's brilliant. Here are a few photos of our trip:

This was our view sitting on top of a dry stone wall having our picnic. Few things can be more cheering than watching lambs gamboling about.
 Through the woods - we were lucky in that this was the only really muddy bit of the walk:
 Stopping on a bench for a quick breather:
 Then, back down into the city for a very welcome pot of tea and a Bath bun here:

It was gorgeous and I can't recommend it highly enough - my feet are a little tender today though!
Other things making me smile this week:
A bunch of tulips from my lovely neighbours for cat sitting last weekend:
Hanging my Folk Art stitching:
Playing with patchwork:
The finished cushion:
I went on to make a log cabin one too but forgot to take a photo. I'll do that next time.
My cheap and cheerful daffs:
...... and, finally, a photo of Hamish doing his Easter Bunny act:
Anyway, that's all for this week. I'm just off to ease my sore feet in the bath and then I'm booked in for a much needed haircut. Enjoy your day.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. What a wonderful walk, it's definitely something I'll try one day. A bun at the end sounds like an excellent idea. CJ xx

  2. Beautiful photos. I love Bath but have never done the skyline walk. Another thing to add to my list. Your folk art stitching has turned out well, it looks great hanging on the wall. Hope the A2 revision goes well. B x

  3. We go in and out of Bath on a regular basis, but I still haven't done the Skyline walk yet. It's so often the things on your doorstep that you don't get around to doing. Your photos have made me decide to go, especially to see the sweet lambs. The Bath Bun is an excellent tea shop, and a Bath bun is a good reward for your walk.
    Cathy x

  4. I love Bath, I've not heard of the Skyline walk before. You deserved your Sally Lunn! Love your patchwork cushion, I am getting seriously addicted to sewing! Have a good rest of the week. xx

  5. I have very fond memories of Bath. It's where I met Marc and fell in love. I love the matching boots shot! I've never had a Bath bun. Is it a glorified currant bun?
    Leanne xx

    1. Sort of a sweet bread roll with currants and sugar crystals on the top. I only ever have them when I go to Bath but they are delicious with butter and very moreish! xx

  6. looks like a wonderful walk x good luck to the reviser, we're in the midst of AS and A2 revision, it's tough........

  7. A2 is that what we used to call A levels? That walk looks wonderful we visit friends near Bath occasionally so I will bear that in mind :)

  8. Lovely to catch up with you! The day in Bath looks lovely and a great way to spend time with your friend. Hope that the revision and then exams are going/will go well! xx

  9. I just love Bath, my sister did her music degree there. It's such a lovely place. Love that patchwork, but love the Easter bunny more!xxx

  10. I hope your feet have recovered! It looks like a lovely walk - lambs and Bath bun included!

  11. I've never been to Bath but I really would love to go one day. I like the look of your walk, and especially the Bath Buns at the end. I hope you've had a lovely holiday, despite the revision. xx

  12. I walked the Bath skyline with my daughter a few years ago. It was so nice to get away from the hubbub of Bath and the views are amazing. We finished our day with a dip in the Cross Baths. Have you been? The water comes bubbling out of the underground spring at around 43 degrees - absolute bliss and unlike the Bath spa there are no age restrictions.

  13. Bath is such a beautiful place, I would love to go and visit again. We had the most fabulous vegetarian food in a lovely restaurant, I think it was called Demuths

  14. All I've read about Bath, and this is the first I've heard of the skyline walk! Sounds wonderful, especially stopping for tea and buns afterward!