Monday, 14 December 2015

Scandinavian Wreath Ta-Dah!

Hello there. Are we all enjoying the run up to Christmas? E's term ended last Friday, so we've now bought and erected the tree. The latter was easier said than done as none of us had noticed the rather wonky base which had to be sawn off in order to make it straight enough to fit into the stand - much unfestive cursing ensued! Then there was the usual 'let's wind Mummy up over the tinsel' moment - hate it, hate it, hate it. Grr!

Moving on .............. I managed to get my Scandinavian wreath finished. It took me quite a while as each of the leaves, hearts and stars had to be cut out, backed with wadding and sewn on the machine. Then they were turned inside out, blanket stitched around the edge and individually sewn onto the ring. It was actually quite an enjoyable job as I could have a quiet stitch in the evening whilst watching old Agatha Christie films.
Anyway, here it is:
A close up of all the blanket stitches - I can now do it automatically, without my usual 10 minutes of trying to work out where to put the needle next when I start off!
I didn't want to hang it outside in case it got wet and the only hook we have on a door is in the kitchen, which wasn't ideal either. In the end, I put one of those suction hooks on the dining room window and hung it there. Sorry the photo isn't the best:
Other happies this week:
Having a quiet baking moment while the rain poured down outside:
 A trip to the farmers' market:
 My new calendar holder. I have my 'working calendar' (ie. the one with all the family appointments etc. on) in the kitchen. This one is in the hall near the desk so I can remind myself of the date without having to try and squint at the tiny numbers on my watch!
 Our delivery of logs in the new log store. I still can't work out why R ordered the extra large one, but it looks quite cosy tucked in the corner near the side gate:
 A book of Christmas piano music from the library:
 Marveling that we still have roses in December:
 ....... and the odd Californian poppy:
 The first mince pies of the season - sadly, not home made, although we may get around to baking some at some point:
 The Christmas tree - we never manage one of those tastefully decorated, colour coordinated affairs - my favourite decorations are the ones the girls have made over the years: 

Anyway, that's all for this week. I may not get another chance to post again this side of Christmas. If not, can I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderfully relaxed and peaceful time. I'll still be popping by your blogs to see what you are all up to if I get a moment.

Merry, merry and all that.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. your Christmassy preparations are lovely !

  2. What a lovely festive post. Your Scandinavian wreath look beautiful and will be much admired I am sure. Your tree is like mine just full of lovely things from the past...who does colour coordination for goodness sake! I bet you enjoyed that baking it is so therapeutic . Have a lovely Christmas. Barbara x

  3. Your Scandinavian wreath is gorgeous! Sounds like it was a lot of work, but hopefully, so worthwhile.

  4. I love the wreath, it's so beautiful. You are clever. I don't like tinsel either, although there is a bit on the tree this year. And I'm all for a chaotic, mis-matched tree. Mine's all over the shop!
    Leanne xx

  5. Your Christmas wreath is lovely. Your tree is like ours, fully of lovely memories and nothing co-ordinates! Love your mince pie plate! Have a wonderful Christmas with your nearest and dearest. xx

  6. Your wreath is beautiful!!! It looks lovely hanging there in the window, I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to get it wet, I would keep it indoors! I hope that you have a great Christmas and New Year! xx

  7. I love your Scandinavian wreath and admire your patience in making it. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. xx

  8. Love the Scandinavian wreath! So so pretty.
    Happy holiday season,

  9. Your wreath is lovely, worth all the work! I love your tree, all those memories tied up in those decorations :)

  10. What a lovely Christmas post, I love your scandinavian wreath, how pretty! I'll be commissioning you to make me one next

  11. That wreath is just gorgeous, I love it! Your hard work really shows and your blanket stitch is perfect. x