Thursday, 3 December 2015

Chucks, a Birthday and a Belated Ta-Dah!

Hello there and a happy December to you all. I can't quite believe that it is December already - is it just me who thinks it was only 5 minutes ago that we started 2015? Tempus certainly does fugit as you get older. Thank you so much for your supportive comments about my mammogram; they were much appreciated. All went well - it was mercifully quick, if a little chilly, and the all clear came through yesterday - Yay!

Sadly, we lost one of our Pekin Bantams a few weeks ago. Harriet died at the age of 10, which I don't suppose is a bad age for a chuck. She was a great character and we shall miss her dearly. Fortunately, it was very quick - she didn't seem ill, so there was no prolonged suffering, she just died peacefully in her sleep. We should all be so lucky. Phyllis, her little soulmate, missed her terribly and went into a decline, refusing to get up in the morning and therefore not eating or drinking. More for Phyllis than for us, we purchased a couple of new chucks from a local Pekin breeder and here they are:
Meet Brenda and Penny - named by L. Brenda after Baroness Brenda Hale, Justice of the Supreme Court and one of L's heroes, and Penny, well because 'Henny Penny', you know! We sneaked them in with Phyllis at night and the following morning she was downstairs, pecking around and eating quite happily again. I think the new chucks were what is politely termed 'table hens' - ie. each had little defects when meant that they weren't suitable for showing - Brenda has a sooty bit around her neck and a toenail missing and Penny has an oddly shaped cushion. At least with us they aren't destined for the pot! Harriet was buried by the bench near the river, where she liked to sit and have a cuddle. RIP sweet chuck.

On a happier note, this week was L's birthday. E had managed to get tickets to see Radio 4's 'John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme' being recorded in London. R and L were in London anyway that day, so when E finished school we just hopped on a train to join them. The recording was excellent - they are such a talented bunch of people. Jason Hazeley (he of the Ladybird books for adults fame) stepped in to play the piano and was brilliant and John Finnemore can do no wrong in our eyes.
We also had an Ethiopian meal here:

The food was lovely. Served on and with pancakes called injeera - a type of sourdough flatbread with a spongy texture. It was surprisingly filling. The types of food were an interesting mix too - felafels and chana dahl - we all enjoyed it and would definitely have it again.

 Back home there was cake!
 Other happies this week:
Fergus now has 3 girlfriends - one was too quick to catch with a photo:
 Finally finishing my Summer Primitive Stitching -yes, I know it's December!
Here are all 4 seasons, now I just need to hang them. I decided against making them into cushions in the end, only because I thought they would need washing at some point and I didn't trust the calico not to shrink. The chicken in the summer one has rather long legs but Google assures me that there are long legged varieties, so I'm going with that!
 A walk in the woods with a friend. It was rather muddy!

Lighting the advent candle over breakfast:
And lastly, a little festive make - a Scandinavian fabric wreath. If I manage to get it finished in time for Christmas 2015, I'll let you know. It is quite slow progress though.
That's all for this week. We've got a load of logs being delivered today, so then the cold weather is welcome to do its worst. Keep warm and enjoy the rest of the week.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. Lovely, lovely stitching, they look fantastic all together. I'm glad L had a good birthday, the food looks delicious. Such a shame about your little hen. Nice to have two more to keep Phyllis company. I love that one of them is named after a Justice of the Supreme Court and one of them is named after Henny Penny. Excellent. CJ xx

  2. Ooh you've made me hanker after chickens again. L's birthday sounds great; the food looks lovely. And I envy you your crafty offerings. My crochet practice is sitting mournfully in it's bag, staring reproachfully at me. I just can't seem to muster the enthusiasm. Perhaps I should just admit defeat, and accept that I have no patience for crafts.
    Leanne xx

  3. Ahhhh, so sorry to hear about Harriet, what a lovely long life she's had. Good to hear you have more chickens and they're all getting along!!
    Happy birthday to L, what a lovely restaurant, everything looks great, especially the food.
    I love the set of four stitchings!xxx

  4. Very sad about Harriett, so sorry. Your four pictures are beautiful and will look so lovely all hung together. I look forward to seeing your hearts all finished! Happy Birthday to L! xx

  5. Sorry to hear about Harriet, but glad to hear that Phyllis has some new companions. Your stitched pictures are just beautiful. I can't pick a favourite. Have a lovely weekend. x

  6. It sounds like Harriet had a good life, I do hope Brenda and Penny do too. I love John Finnemore too I will listen out for your laughter when the programme is on! My husband has been to a few Ethopian restaurants in the course of his travels with work and always raves about the food. The food you ate looks delicious. Hope you get your wreath made in time :)

  7. Sad to hear about Harriet but I am pleased that Phyllis has perked up now she has new companions. I just adore your primitive seasons stitching and looking forward to seeing how your Scandinavian wreath turns out. xx

  8. Love the story of your hens. They seem to be much loved. The birthday meal looks delicious. There is an Ethiopian place not far from us which I have heard about. You have inspired me to try it out!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about little Harriet, and am glad that Phyllis is now feeling happier with her new friends. Your stitching looks fantastic, and I'm glad that L had a good birthday. I still haven't lit our advent candle yet - think we have some catching up to do!
    Cathy x

  10. What a fantastic birthday treat and the Ethiopian meal sounds delicious - now why does that make me think of the Just So stories. Your new chickens are far too pretty to eat, I hope they have long fulfilling lives with you. I bought my first load of logs last week, my although without a working boiler I do hope the mild weather continues at least until a new boiler is installed in the new year. Then I hope the weather will turn really cold and frosty.

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  12. I'm glad you found some more company for Phyllis! Your sewing panels are fabulous and your Christmas project looks promising, I hope you finish it in time. I'm trying to put the finishing touches to a snowflake garland but I'm not sure I'll finish either. Love your blog. Barbara