Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday Happies

Hello! I thought I'd join in with the 'Friday Happies' idea this week. It has been quite an easy week to think of things as E celebrated her birthday on Sunday, so a day trip ice-skating, followed by bowling made for lots of happy memories. L was able to return the baking favour by making E a Pusheen birthday cake - we'll definitely have to think of a new theme this year! Lemon cake with a lemon and passion fruit curd filling - Yum!
R decided that he didn't want to go on the ice, so sat in the cafe, feeling old, with his Kindle! I was game though and after a very slow circuit or 2 hanging onto the surrounding rail or L's hand, was confident enough to let go. I had a brilliant time and only fell over once! The resultant bruised knee has made pilates a little tricky this week but it was well worth it. Go me!
 Next we went bowling and with my very first shot  I got a Strike - that was my only one though! What R lost on the skating, he gained on the bowling by winning easily. His trick is to use the heaviest ball and bowl it at great speed - even if he isn't central, all the pins get knocked over by the sheer force.

Then it was back home for 'Onesie Film Night'.
As I was lucky enough to receive a Kitchen Aid for my birthday (Minnie the Mix! - if you're not old enough, 'Minnie the Minx' was a character in The Beano) I have decided that 2015 shall be the year of the loaf. We usually make our own bread in a bread maker  but Minnie's dough hook and this new book sound like much more fun! 
I aim to make a different type of bread each week and this week's was a crusty cob. Here it is - not quite as spherical as I think it is supposed to be but quite tasty nonetheless. 
Tea and shortbread on my new tray (a Christmas present from L) made me very happy.
Finishing the main bit of my 'use up all the stash' garden blanket. Now it just needs a border. Surprisingly, the stash doesn't seem to have diminished at all!
Finally, L brought her birthday balloons back from uni and Hamish has been having fun. Initially, he just chewed them with predictable results. Then he dribbled them round the house like a little furry footballer ... it was very cute. Unfortunately, this morning I discovered him trying to mate with one! He sat slumped over it, rocking rhythmically with a rather glazed expression on his face. Ew!!! Not at all cute! Time for the balloons to go me thinks!
That's all for this week's happies - I'm not sure that last one really qualifies as one anyway! Have a fun-filled weekend.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Love your crochet blanket. I am convinced that my stash breeds too! The bread book likes interesting, I shall keep an eye out for it. We use a bread maker too at the moment.

  2. Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday, you've cetainly had a few happy moments this week! Love the blanket x

  3. That's a lot of happy! Our bunnies have always liked balls but I've never tried them with balloons. Our current bun would just bite it.

  4. Oh dear, poor Hamish. And poor balloon. Everything at yours is looking lovely, the cake is amazing, and the birthday celebrations sound fantastic. Lemon and passion fruit curd sounds utterly blissful, two of my absolute favourite flavours. I have a fancy to do a bit of skating, but other half won't let me in case I fall over and hurt myself and he has to do housework or cooking. Sigh. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  5. Lots of happies by you friend! I love that you all were able to make so many new memories! And YAY on the bread front! Look at that loaf!!! It looks amazing! And the cake looks yummy too! Wishing you all good things! Nicole xoxo

  6. It looks like you've been having lots of fun. I love your garden blanket. It's beautiful. I am trying my hand at making a wild yeast starter. I'll know tomorrow when I try to make bread from it whether it will work or not. Your bread looks so so good.

  7. Lots of happy things, what could be happier than cake?! Love your blanket too....I reckon I have enough of a stash to make ten blankets without a dent,

  8. Lots of happy things! The bread looks sooo yummy! Is the book good? I need another inspiration for bread making :)

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  9. I've just found your blog, as you'd commented on another blog I follow as VeggieMummy - I'm veggie, as are my family - then looking through recent posts I see it was your 50th this December - me too! Love the look of your blog and mix of posts and looking forward to reading. Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer, lovely to 'meet' you. What a coincidence! Hope you had a good 50th too last month; I tried accessing your blog but it wouldn't let me look at your posts! It may be a temporary thing, so I'll try again soon. In the meantime, have a great week. x

    2. Ah, I don't have a blog...yet... but am hoping to get one up and running asap, this month if poss - something seems right about starting in January! Jen

  10. Sorry but your cat's romantic endeavours have made me laugh! My cat is in love with my eldest. He pines for him when he is at college, and harasses him constantly when he is home. Goodness only knows what he'll be like when he leaves for Uni in October. I've never seen such devotion.
    I've been amiss in not visiting your blog more often. I aim to remedy that from now on.
    Leanne xx