Friday, 16 January 2015

Bedside Posy


Good morning! This week's Friday Happy is my little bedside posy of flowers. I've seen a few people who do this on a regular basis and I always mean to but somehow have never got around to it. On Wednesday I went along to my first WI meeting. I had intended to go along as one of my '50 new things' last year, but school speech days, Christmas parties etc. got in the way, so this month was my first opportunity. Rather disappointingly, Helen Mirren and Julie Walters weren't there, but they were a lovely bunch of ladies, all very welcoming. It is apparently their practice to give a small posy to anyone with a birthday that month. Well, the January birthday lady couldn't make it, so they gave the posy to the newcomer - lucky, lucky me! As I'd just bought a spray of carnations for downstairs, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try a bedside posy and ..... I love it. It makes me smile every time I enter the room and to wake up to the smell of freesias is just lovely. I must make a habit of this.

Other happies this week include:
Danish pastries : a special breakfast before L went back to uni  - not such a happy :(  

This week's 'Loaf of the Week' - a cottage loaf:
Working on the border of my 'use up the stash' garden throw:
Enjoying a brief interlude of sunlight between all the high winds and snow flurries:
One of this week's library books. L bought me 'Plenty' for my birthday and I have loved it. This one has some delicious looking recipes too, although I have to say that the 'cauliflower cake' (Yotam's alternative to cauliflower cheese) was not well received!
That's all for this week - I'm just off to mug up on the words to 'Jerusalem'! Hopefully, I'll be able to post a photo of my new throw next Friday. Wishing all of you a fun-filled and storm free weekend. x


  1. Hi, thanks for joining in with Happy Friday. Not a post to read whilst hungry, my mouth is watering! Have a lovely weekend. Penny

  2. All your lovely photos made for a happy Friday! I love your blanket. It must feel great to see it almost complete in all its glory. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Your blanket is really very lovely.
    It seems such a long time ago now picking all those roses in the garden for posy pots, can not wait for Spring.
    Glad your fellow WI ladies were welcoming.
    Helen x

  4. I've neglected reading recently in favour of crochet, knitting and crafting but I am cheating sometimes by putting an audio book on in the evenings while I stitch or hook. There is rarely much on TV and its really relaxing xxx

  5. love your bedside posy, lovely idea - and you made me chuckle with the comment about Julie Walters & Helen Mirren :)) I wonder if there might prove to be equivalent characters??! x

  6. What a lovely post. Your posy is so pretty and how nice of the ladies to give you the flowers!

  7. Such a pretty posy friend! And those rolls look amazing!!! So many happy things happening by you!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Nicole xoxo

  8. How lovely that you were given that sweet posy at your first visit. I'm very impressed with your cottage loaf, and the pretty blanket is just gorgeous! You've had a productive week! It is so lovely when the sun comes out and brightens the gloom - a taste of things to come :)
    Cathy x

  9. Did you make those Danish pastries? I like to have a little posy by my bedside during the summer. It's usually some sweet peas from the garden. I love that their fragrance fills the room.
    Leanne xx

    1. Hi Leanne - it was a joint effort; I made the rolls and L drizzled on some icing. I've forgotten to grow sweet peas for the last couple of years and have really missed them. I must make an extra effort this year - my bedside table awaits! x

  10. WHat a wonderful idea! I'm off in the morning to find a posy of crocus for beside my bed to bring joy in to the mornings!

  11. I love a bedside posy and yours is really pretty. I love the crochet blanket you are working on! Such happy's beautiful.
    Marianne x