Friday, 9 May 2014

Bookmaking Workshop

Browsing through the Open Studios brochure whilst waiting for E to have her haircut, I came across a bookmaking workshop. Not, as I first thought, about writing a book but about making a cover for a zigzag book  (a bit like a concertina). Open studios are just what they sound like - local artists throw open their studios on certain days, so members of the public can go and see them at work. Some hold workshops too - either free or for a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials.

Sally Haynes was the artist for this particular workshop and very talented she was too. First we had fun designing our cover - easier said than done for non-arty types like me. Eventually,  I chose to do a wax impression of a couple of leaves and wash over it with various inks. 2 covers were necessary - front and back.

This is my first attempt:

....and this my second. I  thought I'd try pressing harder with the wax but, on reflection, I think I prefer the more subtle colours.

Sorry, I forgot to rotate this one before uploading it!

When dry, PVA was used to glue the covers to some thick card and then it was pressed until it had dried flat. Thick paper was then cut and folded (set squares were needed!) to form the inner. Some people drew pictures inside and some stuck in photos. I actually wanted to keep mine plain but, as most of the afternoon had been allocated to the decoration of the inner, it seemed rude not to participate! I decided that it could be used for holding momentos (does this need an 'e', like tomatoes?) of a holiday - admission tickets, boarding cards etc. If I was particularly arty, I could claim that the white line represents the journey. However, the truth is, I just wanted to play with the wax crayon and ink again!

Anyway, here is the finished article:

See the arty white line!

It was a fun day and the other people at the workshop were lovely. There was even a lady from the 'Pictures in Stitch' workshop from a few weeks back. To be honest though, I don't think that bookmaking is one of the fifty things that I will want to do again.

This week also saw the second installment of my quilting course - applique! 

Here is the studio on the farm where the course is held:

And these little sweeties were in a pen close to the farmhouse - they were being bottle fed and baaed loudly every time anyone went near.

They were utterly adorable and E would have loved them.

The heart was a morning's work. After zigzagging my way VERY SLOWLY round the wavy lines, I was ready for a lie down in a darkened room. Naturally, the 'upholsterers' had no trouble! I am very aware in this class that I am by far the worst one, and the slowest, and I am desperate not  to hold anyone up. Consequently, I got rather stressy The pink petals, I did in class and the much better yellow and blue ones, at home as part of this month's homework. At home, I felt less pressure, Genevieve and I took our time and the middles of the petals line up so much better. I think it may take me quite a while to finish the other bits of homework. With that and E's exams starting next week, I feel I should remember to stock up on alcohol when I do the supermarket run! I have to keep reminding myself that it's only fabric - if it all goes wrong, I just have to cut another bit.

Just 2 more photos:

Phyllis, the pekin bantam, is very proud of her eggs. Ssh, don't tell her!

And a rather bleached out photo of Hamish, having a cuddle with E. He's trying to be calming and supportive in the run up to the exams. I should mention that he is rather partial to the smell of rubber and managed to consume an elastic band that he found under the coffee table before I could force his mouth open to retrieve it. I have everything crossed that he doesn't fall ill (or worse!) just as E's exams start.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Toodle Pip. x

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  1. Your quilting class sounds interesting, although it's no fun to be the least able in the class - I was like that in the sewing class I took last summer! I think your applique patches are great. x