Thursday, 27 February 2014

Elmer Blanket Ta-dah!

Two blogs in one week - get me! Well, it's finished; my lovely attic24 inspired Elmer blanket is complete. This has been a lovely project - perfect for a beginner like me. The squares were relatively quick and also easy to transport about. In fact, most of them were done in the car waiting for E to come out of school - I do spend a lot of time sitting in that car park; if you don't get there early, you don't park! - and then joining them on later at home.

I must say a special thank you to 2 people. Firstly, Lucy at attic24 for her fantastic colour sense. I have absolutely none, so shamelessly copied her choice of colours, apart from 2 which I had left over from when the girls made scarves (denim and matador). Her brilliant, easy to follow and free(!) tutorials made it problem free. Secondly, bunnymummy for her pattern for the first row of the border which enables it to lie flat and ruffle free - the maker of this blanket accepts full responsibility for any kinky bits! So, thank you ladies - you have taught me to crochet and made me very happy!!!

Anyway.......time for the photos:


This was taken with me perching precariously on the coffee table. Sorry, the light isn't brilliant in these - it was alternating between being briefly very sunny and then dark and dismal.

Trying it out on the bed.
 I love the colours against the duck egg blue walls which, unfortunately, appear a rather dingy grey in the photos! Please excuse the books all over the floor - I need to learn about styling too!

Focusing on Lucy's 'Spot on Edging'.

More photos on the bed....

Now, trying it out in the living room. I love the fact that it covers our dungy brown sofa - not my choice - but please excuse the ragged curtains; they appear to be biodegrading in the sun (Does anyone else have this problem?). We are planning to decorate in here soon, so I can live with threadbare curtains for a while longer!

I said I needed to learn how to rotate photos!

A corner shot...

More of the border....

Trying it out folded up...

Now on the other sofa - yes, we have 2 of the wretched things!

Some draped shots.....

And back to the Ta-dah!

Personally, I'm really thrilled with it. My family, however, not so much! I made the mistake of telling E that they were called granny squares and she now thinks crochet is just for grannies, as does my husband. My friend, C, who came to lunch yesterday told me to tell them to keep up - it's all the rage and I'm the trendy one. When I mentioned this to E over dinner, her response was 'Yes, but how old is C?'!  Also, I think that my elder daughter seems to think that it's a bit too colourful - she's more of a calming blues girl but is, however, less open with her ridicule, for which I am grateful! I love it anyway; bring on that predicted snow, they'll be fighting over my blankie! 

Now I just have to plan what to do with all that left over yarn - I feel stripes coming on!


  1. Lovely, lovely blanket, what a bright happy ray of sunshine it brings to your rooms! What you need to do is keep on making blankets (and cushions), lots of them, until your family gets so used to them they become a permanent style feature. That's my tactic, it works around here ;)xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment; it was my first one ever and I was so giddy with excitement that I somehow managed to delete my reply first time round! That definitely sounds like a plan - I have to do something to use up that leftover yarn :)

  2. Yay, you finished the border! It is indeed an extremely colourful blanket but I'm not sure that's necessarily a bad thing. It does look really jolly, especially in the picture on your bed against the wall colour. That, combined with the heart, makes the whole room look oddly Kirsty-ish. xxx

    1. Greetings Psmith! I was very excited to get a comment - thank you. I see what you mean about it being a bit Allsoppy. The Elmer blanket has since spawned a small stripy cushion friend just to add to the theme! I'll have to have another Ta-dah moment soon. x