Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Donor Cards, WIP and 'Lurkey Soup'

Half Term this week and we are glad to be cosy at home, having a rest from the early morning starts and trying to recover from the awful virus that has been doing the rounds at school.

My item on 'The List' for this week has been incredibly quick and easy but probably more worthwhile than most of the rest. I have registered with the NHS Organ Donation line. I carried a donor card around with me for years, swapping it from one new purse to the next and it only struck me recently that I hadn't seen it for a while. I don't know about you but my purse contains a shameful collection of cards - only one credit card and my driving license but numerous loyalty cards, library cards etc. and somewhere along the line, my donor card had been misplaced. Initially I thought I would just get another one but that involved either a trek into town to visit the post office or trying to download a flimsy version off the Internet which would probably get lost in the general detritus again. So, onto the NHS website I went and it literally took me 2 minutes to complete the form and register: quick, easy and a relief to know that, if the worst should happen, some poor soul doesn't have to trawl through my belongings searching for a card.

Anyway, as no photos were involved with this weeks 'new thing' I thought that I would post a few photos of my work in progress i.e. my granny square blanket or 'Elmer blanket' as it is now known. Here it is a few days ago, stretched out on the living room floor:

I've added a couple of more rows since and I'm now on my last one before trying to work out how to do the border. It is already in use - E was off school with the dreaded lurgy thing last week. I dosed her up with Nurofen in the morning and we actually made it as far as the school car park before I decided that it was a bad idea and we came home again. This was a photo taken 10 minutes after we arrived back - tucked up on the sofa, fast asleep with 2 blankies and a hot water bottle! I was sitting at the other end 'joining as you go' whilst it covered her and Hamish, the house rabbit, sat in a patch of sun snoozing too.

I'm really enjoying making the blanket and have plans to start on a stripey one as soon as this is finished - well, I will have some wool left over so what's a girl to do?

I've also been enjoying the cheap daffodils in the shops at the moment and the primula bought for 80p at the market square flower stall. I plan to put it in one of my pots but am enjoying it cheering up my kitchen windowsill until I get around to it.

Finally, I'm a big soup fan and just love the Covent Garden Soup books for veggie inspiration. We often have soup for a weekend lunch as it's a great way to use up any veg left over from the weekly shop. One of my favourite recipes is 'Lurkey Soup' i.e. using anything left 'lurking' around in the fridge at the end of the week. This was this week's haul - half a butternut squash, a chunk of celeriac and a carrot. Just fry the onion, add the rest of the chopped veg with some stock, a couple of bay leaves, seasoning and other herby bits. Simmer for 20 mins and blitz. Basically, you can use anything - sometimes eyebrows are raised but I find the phrase 'delicious and nutritious' useful on such occasions! Have a good week.

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