Wednesday, 16 March 2016

This week ......

Good morning. I hope you are all well on this fine (dare I say it?) spring day. Apologies in advance for a rather photo heavy post, it's been 2 weeks (I think) since my last one and the pictures have accumulated somewhat.

So, this week I have been:

Enjoying :: Playing with my Mothers' Day present. Can you guess what it is?
It's a tulip tea infuser:
and it floats around in my cup looking as cute as can be:
There were flowers too:
.... and choccies (which didn't last long!)
and, best of all, a home made card:

Listening to :: L playing the piano:

Watching :: The morning mist slowly disappearing from the garden to be replaced by sunshine - yes, we've had sun, people! Please excuse the compost around the pots - something (not sure what) has been digging.

Visiting :: The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. E received an adopted donkey for her birthday and, as she had a couple of days off school this week following her mocks, we thought we'd visit.
It was a lovely place, complete with sea view, and we were able to see her donkeys. She actually has 2 - Teddy (a blind donkey) was her initial adoptee but he became ill and was removed from the programme, so she was given Zena instead. Teddy appears to have rallied though, so we were able to visit both of them.

Watching :: E and Hamish having a cuddle in a patch of sun:

Exploring :: Bristol. E is currently deciding the order of her uni choices, so we did a return trip at the weekend.

Eating :: Mexican food at Bristol's Wahaca. It was amazing and I'm still dreaming about plantain and black bean tacos!

Smelling :: the spring flowers by the front door.

Reading :: my new library book.

This was Ira Levin's first novel, written at the age of 23 (makes you want to spit doesn't it?!). He went on to write 'Rosemary's Baby', 'Stepford Wives' and 'Boys from Brazil' but I'd never heard of this one before. I had a couple of hours to kill waiting for E to rehearse for a concert and I devoured it in one sitting whilst nursing a latte in Costa. I'd definitely recommend it.

Well, that's been my week. Well done for making it through the photos. I'm hoping to pop along and catch up with a few of your lovely blogs later.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. I have an adopted donkey from the sanctuary in Manchester, his name is Cocoa.

  2. Lovely post. I especially like that picture of E and Hamish- so sweet! Bristol is a fun town to be at uni in. My husband went there many moons ago. X

  3. Hamish looks so content, and the sunshine really lifts the spirits, doesn't it? Bristol is a great place to explore and not far from me. I like the tea-strainer - what a good idea!
    Cathy x

  4. So many lovely photos - donkeys, bunnies, chocolate, flowers. I lived in Bristol for two years and loved it!

  5. What beautiful flowers and lovely mothers day gifts! I love your tulip tea infuser in your tulip mug! xx

  6. I love that infused it looks great floating in the cup. Uni decisions are so hard aren't they hope she works it out.

  7. I was born and raised in Bristol. It's a marvellous city for young people. So much to see and do. Vibrant and quirky. The accent is great too ;)
    Leanne xx

  8. You have been out and about! The tulip tea infuser is fabulous! Ahhhh, poor old Teddy, sp pleased to hear he's on the mend. How lovely, adopting a donkey, I just love them, one day I hope to have rescue one.....Hamish does look shiny and that food has me drooling. I must look out for that book, it's slipped under my radar

  9. what a lovely catch up. we're just starting to think about Uni's so far there's been one taster day, need to book a few open days.... it's all a bit terrifying if you ask me......

  10. The tulip tea infuser is a darling, I've never seen one before.

  11. Wow that food looks gurt lush as they say in Brizzle :)

  12. That Mexican food looks delicious! We would love that donkey sanctuary too! What a great gift! My son adopted a penguin for a year through the WWF. he was so excited to do that, though we couldn't visit it like you did!

  13. I adore Mexican food & your meal looks delicious. Isn't the tulip infuser unusual - what a lovely gift xx

  14. Lovely photos. It's a scary time trying to decide on the right Uni. Bristol always sounds like a fun place to be at university. Have a good Easter break. B x

  15. That tea infuser is very cute, that would make me smile, watching it bob around my brew. I love the look and sound of the food in Wahaca. I've never been but my best friend told me the fish tacos she ate there once were so good she actually had a dream about them! I must go. xx