Saturday, 14 November 2015


What Ho! Another week, another post. Not a lot has gone on around these parts this week. The weather, on the whole, has been pretty grim - wet, windy and unpleasant to be out in. We all seem to be incubating colds, E is bogged down with school work and L is in Oxford for a few days. So, mostly it's just been Hamish and me cosying up inside. Here are a few photos of our week:

Lighting the lanterns to cheer us up on a dark afternoon. I really love my lanterns - they are souvenirs from holidays. The little one on the left is from Istanbul and the bigger one from Marrakech. 
 Doing a few ripples on E's Dorset blanket and noticing that the colours match my tights beautifully!
Working on my Summer Primitive Stitching. It's going to be a cherry tree, so there'll be lots of French knots to do - not my forte!
 Hamish trying to help:
Having a happy half hour with a cup of coffee listening to L play the piano. She is very musical (no idea where that came from!), has perfect pitch and always amazes me with her sight reading ability. Nothing makes me happier than listening to her and E practising; I love a house full of music.
Having a Nigella moment!!! Did you hear the hoo-hah after she spent 5 minutes showing us how to make avocado on toast in her latest series?
Spending a merry morning ( a dry one for a change)  replanting my pots with some cheap flowers on sale at Homebase. Some of them looked a little peaky but I'm sure they'll perk up.
Fergus keeping me company. He has a lady friend at the moment but she's rather timid:
The last of the toms for this year. They're currently in a brown paper bag with an apple to help ripen them. Now, I REALLY must get around to clearing out the greenhouse for next year.
Starting another 'smurf' hat. This one may be either for E (who miraculously rather liked the one I made for L) or me. We'll have to see how it turns out.
 Lighting the stove while storm Abigail blew and starting the ribbing for the hat: 
This photo made me laugh - that's the ball  of wool on my lap; I'm not pregnant! A lit stove, cosy slippers, a bit of knitting and Miss Marple on the television - heaven! To cap it all, the fan element had blown on the cooker, so while R was fitting the new one I had no means to make dinner and we were forced to have a take away!
Well, that's my week - I did warn you that not a lot happened. Sometimes though, that can be just what we need. I'm just off to make a hot cup of tea and to hunt out those balm tissues. I hope the weather treats you kindly this week; keep warm.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. I LOVE your tights!! And you are right, they co-ordinate perfectly with your crochet! Lots of music in our house too, as Mr JK and I both play the piano. Hope you feel better soon and get rid of your cold. Have a good week. x

  2. Sounds like a good week - well apart from the oven! - to me, even having a takeaway because of the oven! Hope that you are staying snug and warm and enjoying your crafting! xx

  3. Sounds like a very pleasant week to me. We've been having a hot dry spell with unpleasant winds but it is supposed to change today and finally some rain is expected. I see soup in our future :-)

  4. I loved seeing what you did over the week. Is Hamish very large? Maybe it's the angle of the photo but he looks dog-sized to me. Fergus is interesting, is he a pheasant? What a beautiful bird, so colorful. I hope you feel better soon. We have scratchy throats around here right now, never fun. Take care and have a good week.

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes Fergus is a pheasant; the girls named him as they quite liked the alliteration! Hamish is a mini lop and is about the size of a small cat. I think it's the camera angle in the photo making him appear larger than he is - he also likes to get up close to the lens which doesn't make for very good shots! xx

  5. I really love your lanterns, they would go beautifully with my birdcage-candle holder, please send them over asap!!! I'm reaching through the ether to stroke Hamish....oh...I do love rabbits, I've never had one though, so I have to get my fix at the rescue!
    I too love a house filled with live music....and can now appreciate the pleasure of a log burner, why did I wait so long to install one???
    You go girl, I LOVE those tights! And, look after you re the flu, hope all is well now¬

  6. handsome is Fergus....can't wait to see his lady

  7. Your stove always looks so cosy - it must be a real treat to sit by it and knit. I do like your stripey tights, and your twinkly lanterns too. It must be nice to have little Hamish assisting with your sewing - I hope he is helpful. Hope you have a warm and cosy week.
    Cathy x

  8. I love the idea of cosying up by the stove , crocheting and watching miss Marple while the take away is being there's a plan. Just come across your blog and really enjoying it. Barbara

  9. Lamps lit, fire burning, crochet/knitting sounds perfect to me :)

  10. It looks like you had a rather cosy week! Love your tights! The lamps are beautiful.

  11. I love reading about people's weeks when not a lot happens - it makes me feel like we're all doing similar sorts of things, just muddling along. Miss Marple on the tv in front of the fire...oh heavens, perfection! x