Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Royal County of Berkshire Show

Well, where does the time go? I certainly doesn't seem like a year since the last County Show but this weekend saw us beetling off to the showground again. We don't tend to go every year - for one it's rather expensive to get in and for another R always complains that it's the same stalls in the same positions selling the same overpriced stuff. I enjoy it though - weather permitting it's a good day out with lots to see and (despite the fact that you can't get a veggie burger at any of the MANY, MANY burger stalls) there's plenty to eat, even if the prices are laughable - would you pay £6 for a pasty?! Anyway, this year E's orchestra were playing and being recorded for the local radio, so we thought we'd go along. The weather was glorious and I was really grateful for my sun hat and rather regretted the wellies that I had to clump round in all day. Here are a few pictures:
There were lots of tractors:
 ...... and animals:

Things to taste and buy:
 Traction engines - we saw the owner open up the front of this one and pop in some foil wrapped baking potatoes for his supper: 
 There was even a dancing sheep show and you haven't lived until you've seen a row of sheep doing 'The Hustle'! Belinda was quite the hoofer!
 We even watched lots of hot air balloons being launched: 

 This one was a solo one with the man strapped in a chair rather than in a basket - not for the faint hearted:
 All in all, it was a fun family day out but I think we may leave it a few years before going again.

Other things that have made me smile this week:
A Sunday visit to the local farmers' market with L. We bought lots of yummy veg including a kohlrabi which I've never tried before. If anyone has any recipes to suggest for them I'd love to hear them.
 Here are the heritage carrots about to be roasted to go with Sunday lunch:
R swept the chimney in preparation for lighting the stove. Yes, he is a man with his own brush and rods!

 Some of our home grown figs:
 My attempt at Cholla - unfortunately, just as it was proved and about to go into the oven, E rang to ask if I could drop her forgotten violin off at school. By the time I had struggled back through the traffic jam, it had swollen so much you could hardly see the plaits! It tasted nice though - a bit like brioche. 
Making Deliciously Ella's ultimate energy bites. Recipe to be found here.
The energy bites were very yummy and virtuous but what's a girl to do when these are back in the shops again?
That's all for this week, I'm just off to pilates to try and work off some of that chocolate! 
Toodle pip for now. x


  1. The Berkshire Show looks like the best kind of day out. When we lived in Leeds I always wanted to go to the Great Yorkshire Show but it was always on a week day, and very expensive too. I like the look of the hot air balloons - but not the one with the chair attached. I'm not brave enough for that. x

  2. How lovely to have E playing at the show, you must have been so proud! Yes....I have the same problem trying to find a veggie burger at these events, don't know why as there are so many veggies about these days!
    Those carrots looks lovely.....I bet they tasted wonderful. We're hoping to have a log burner installed soon, it should be just the business over winter.xxx

  3. The weather was good for the show! Looks as though you had a great time! xx

  4. I love Ella's energy bites! I love a county show too. But I always take a packed lunch; £6 for a pasty??????!!!!!!

  5. What a wonderful day out at the county show! I love kohlrabi - we eat it fresh, sliced in a salad with other root vegetables like carrots and parsnips or roasted in antipasti or chopped in a soup.

  6. Mmmmmm, roasted carrots makes me feel very hungry! I love all kinds of veggies roasted together. Christmas chocolate in the shops already, oh dear! I think you're doomed!

  7. The show looks like fun. I make kohlrabi soup but it often doesn't get that far! I love it thinly sliced with a little salad dressing over it - yum!

  8. Those carrots all lined up! Love it!