Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hello there! I'm joining in with Planet Penny's Happy Friday again. The sunny weather continues in these parts which cheers me no end - and I needed a little cheering when term started again on Wednesday. Over the holiday I had got used to E being around during the day and found that I really missed her now she's back at school. So, a bit of sun really helps matters along. 

This week I finally got around to organizing my 'Patchwork on the Go' tins. I had wanted to have a go at patchwork for a while and thought that little patchwork hexagons would be just the thing for carrying around in my bag for opportune moments - nice and light to carry, not too hot to work on, perfect for doing whilst sitting in the car park waiting for E to come out of school etc. I even borrowed Cath Kidston's 'Patch' this week from the library for a bit of inspiration.
Here are my Mother's Day tins from the girls, all set up and ready to go:
...... and here are some of my hexies:
I love everything about my new craft - from drawing round the cute, plastic template to cutting them out, pinning and tacking them and then finally sewing them together. I haven't yet decided what to make with them - there are a few possibilities: the piano stool needs recovering, maybe a cushion or a table runner or a seat cushion cover for the wicker chair in the bedroom. I'll decide at some point, but for the moment I'm quite happy just making them!

With exam stress cranking up, I had another little crafty moment this week. E actually asked me to make her another lavender bag - you can imagine how my little heart swelled with joy at the request - it's very rare that E actually asks me to make her something; mostly, I just inflict things on her! She picked out some scraps from my stash and a happy afternoon's sewing produced:
Apologies for the dreadful photo - the lighting wasn't great and I was trying to avoid the part where it says her name! Anyway, it's now doing sterling work in the relaxation department - either hanging on the end of her bed or sitting next to her as she revises. 

We've done rather well for wildlife this week:
We have a small brown duck that comes to the back door on her own to be fed (most of the others come in pairs or groups). This week, E was thrilled when she actually turned up with a friend:
 E felt she had to take its photo, along with this rather distant shot of a green woodpecker - look closely!
 Me trying to take a photo of the squirrel on the bird table without frightening him off:
 ..... and a peacock butterfly which R found when it hatched out in the garage. 
 Other happies this week include:
Lots and lots of blossom! 
 More blossom!
 The tadpoles developing legs - we're off to the pond this afternoon after school to release them.
 Finally, my new cake colouring pastes:
 Of course, I had to try them out! They're amazing and you only need the tiniest amount to produce really zingy colours - the green is actually much brighter than it appears in the photo:
 So that's it for happy moments this week. Long may this beautiful weather continue and have a wonderful weekend.
Toodle Pip for now. x


  1. Your hexies look beautiful up there my friend! And I am so glad that the sun is shining to bring you extra joy with your daughter back at school! I think it is so wonderful that she wants some handmade bits from her mama! I hope the beans would want the same when they are off at school! And your garden! Just look at all of those blooms!!! So much to be thankful for! Make it a great day! Nicole xoxo

  2. we need some little bags of calm here to cope with exams. actually we need some HUGE bags of calm........

  3. Your patchwork is looking great and I love your tins that you are using to store your bits and pieces in. How lovely to have a green woodpecker in your garden, lovely birds. xx

  4. What a lovely happy post! I love your patchwork and that little bag is really sweet, and no doubt it's working wonders!
    Your blossom is gorgeous and how lucky you are to have woodpeckers in the garden, I only see a fleeting glimpse of them here. Those little cakes look marvelous......making me hungry they are!xxx

  5. What a lovely post. Your hexes are beautiful! I really want to try piecing hexagons. I've never done it before and I feel a little nervous about it. I enjoyed all of your blossom photos. It looks like spring has really sprung near you. :)

  6. Lovely lavender bag, and I like the hexagons, I shall look forward to seeing what they turn into. Have a good weekend. CJ xx

  7. I started a hexagon patchwork last year and have picked it up again recently - I've no idea what I'll make it into! Your little hexagons are so pretty - I'm sure you'll make something beautiful with them. I love the lavender bag - the stitching is so neat :)
    Cathy x

  8. I love your new tins and the little bag you created. The hexies look like a fun project. I hope your have a glorious weekend :)

  9. You have been busy! Love the idea of patchwork on the go in the tins.

  10. Your patchwork project is coming on beautifully! i love the fabrics you've chosen, i think it would look really fab as a cover for your piano stool :) Its so cheering to be surrounded by so much blossom just now isn't it x

  11. Gosh - you are really organised with your hexagons! I love the little bag of calm - a great idea for exam time! Glad to see the tadpoles have done so well and you've managed to capture those amazing colours on the butterfly. Happy week-end x

  12. That cake colouring looks interesting. I have always used Wilton but your colours look amazing! Love the bluebells!

  13. Lucky you with your green woodpecker, I have seen one occasionally but never in the garden, the green is more illusive than the greater spotted.
    I love the idea of a little bag of calm, it's so sweet. The tads are coming along nicely, I adore frogs. I hope you manage to get some pics when they are all grown up :)

  14. Love the Patchwork on the Go - looking forward to seeing more.

  15. So many fun things! I just completed hand sewing a quilt top in hexes...Now I have to tackle the actual quilting part.

  16. I'm really interested to read about your hexies project. For a long time I've wanted to make one huge quilt in the EPP style with all my out of control fabric scraps. I think I have the Patch book somewhere, I'll have to check.Anyway, what you've done so far looks fantastic, I'm glad you're enjoying the process. x

  17. Ooh the green woodpecker. Just gorgeous. I remember my Auntie Maralyn making patchwork quilts when I was younger. I'd love one for my bed, but have literally no talent or patience for it.
    Leanne xx