Monday, 13 October 2014

The Elements

It's suddenly Autumn around here. This morning I battled through high winds and torrential rain as I loaded my supermarket shop into the car boot. I love the mists and autumnal trees but wind and rain I could do without, unless I'm tucked up in bed when I admit to finding them rather cosy. There are other happies about this season too:

Lighting the stove for the first time:
Roasting chestnuts in said stove:
Comforting bowls of hot soup - in this case 'lurky soup' (any veg found lurking at the bottom of the fridge, the day before the supermarket shop).
Admittedly, the cavolo nero made it look a bit swampy!

Other happies recently included a trip to see this:
 A  WWI play about Seigfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. I did enjoy it; not as much as 'Journey's End' but I'm hoping it will help E to appreciate the poetry she is studying for AS Eng Lit.

A trip to a local Classic car rally at the weekend. This was my favourite:
It is an Austin 7 and reminded me of the 'Gumdrop' books when L and E were small. This was R's favourite:

 An MG Roadster (I think!). I liked the colour, which was the only thing about it that R didn't like! There seemed to be a lot of follicularly-challenged middle aged men at the show. I'm not sure if that's cause or effect - maybe the open top allows the wind to blow it all off?!

A kit from 'Hooked by Design'. I haven't tried hooking before, so it's a new thing for my list. I think it's supposed to make a picture but the kit is slightly larger than the design shown and I'm hoping that I might be able to extend it and recover our threadbare piano stool. 

I also harvested the one pumpkin that the deer didn't manage to eat! I'm planning to save it for Hallowe'en.

Finally, one of my recent new things was to learn the words to Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements'. Not as a party piece or to show off in any way, but as a way of giving my memory a much needed work out. The girls learnt it in no time ........  it took me several weeks! I'm hoping that this links to it, if you would care to listen (I've never added a link before, so it may not work!).

Anyway, it's time for the school run. Have a lovely week; toodle pip for now. x


  1. It was equally wet and windy here this morning, in fact it has been all day. Making soup and lighting the stove are definitely the way to go in this weather! x

  2. That pumpkin is huge! The soup is most definitely swampy but I'm sure it tasted nice anyway. For a moment, I thought the link was going to be to a recording of you singing the Elements song but that might be going a bit too far. I hope it isn't too cold there but it seems pretty arctic here. My blanket is definitely helping! xxx