Sunday, 27 April 2014

Genevieve and a Peg Bag Ta-Dah!

With my next quilt making workshop looming, I decided that I had better get to grips with my sewing machine in an effort not to look even more of a complete idiot in front of 'the upholsterers'. I worked out that the last time it had been used was 5 years ago, when E needed a Romeo costume for her Year 6 play. Blood, sweat, tears and gin were much in evidence at the time and I have a sneaky recollection that it was actually R who ended up doing the trickier bits when it all got a bit much!

Rescued from the loft and 5 years of cobweb removal later, I decided that I needed a bonding session with my machine. Having shocked the ladies at the workshop with my inability to remember the make, I now know that it is in fact a Toyota. Dottie Angel advises giving your machine a name to show how much it is loved, so, after one of my favourite films, SHE is now known as Genevieve. For those who haven't seen the film, it's a 1953 British comedy about the London to Brighton veteran car rally (Genevieve being the car) and I love everything about it, even the cheesy impromptu trumpet playing bit! Anyway, to make amends to Genevieve for her 5 year exile, I bought her a snazzy little blue bag to keep her warm and protect her from marauding rabbits. Another reason being that there was no way I was going to allow 'the upholsterers' to see her sad, stained little nylon cover!

Stupidly, I forgot to take photos of Genevieve and her new coat but I will remedy this at a later date. Hoping that I was somewhat forgiven for my slovenly, sewing machine neglecting ways, I decided to embark on a little project. Nothing too difficult, just something to ease my way back into sewing mode, so at least I can make her go when we tackle the next bit of the quilt. After much thought, I decided on a new peg bag. My old one, a much loved Mothers' Day present made by L many moons ago, has finally given up the ghost and that, together with Bunny Mummy's timely tutorial, made the decision easy. Well, there were tension issues on both sides and I'm sure that Bunny Mummy didn't take 2 entire days to complete her bag but Genevieve and I took our time and even though the result is a little lumpy in places, I'm rather proud of my new bag.

Here are a few photos:

On the bed (both bag and quilt cover looking as though they need a good iron).

Hanging on a wardrobe door, trying to avoid wearing it for a photo:

Deciding that wearing it was necessary to show it in its full glory and, in order to avoid the 'you want me to take a photo of you wearing the peg bag?' conversation, attempting a selfie whilst standing on the bed.

A close up to show off the natty owl ribbon decoration:

A little more bonding with Genevieve is perhaps needed before I can confidently face 'the upholsterers' - apparently, I need to be able to change her foot to a clear one for easier zigzagging and I might treat her to a new needle. Having, obviously, lost the manual, You Tube will be needed before I can attempt either operation but, with another week and a half to go before the workshop, Genevieve and I are confident we can do it. Many thanks to Bunny Mummy for her easy to follow tutorial - if I can follow it, anyone can.

Toodle Pip for now.  x


  1. Very nice peg bag! Where did you get the owl ribbon from? I think Genevieve should have some of it as artistic detailing on her snazzy new bag. xxx

    1. Greetings Psmith! The owl ribbon was from Dunelm Mill; Genevieve likes that idea very much but quite fancies the bunting one that I bought at the same time! x