Monday, 13 January 2014


The Fifty List

Hello.  I'm a married mother of 2, living in a smallish house by the River Lambourn in West Berkshire. I've never blogged before and, to be honest,  it does seem rather a strange thing to be doing. I'm not sure exactly who I think I'm talking to - probably just myself and possibly Daughter # 1 (L), who's currently back at uni after the Christmas holiday but is aware of my tentative journey into Blogland. (Hi Sweetie! - Skype doesn't seem to be working at the moment; I'll try talking to you tomorrow xx).  She was the one who helped her technologically-challenged parent to set up the blog and even uploaded the photo of the coot, taken by Daughter # 2 (E) on a Boxing Day walk by our river.           

I recently turned 49 and, as this will be my 50th year, I decided to try 50 New Things in order to celebrate. You are actually looking at New Thing # 1 - To start a blog! Hopefully, this blog will become more of an online diary and not just my 50 list. It may include veggie recipes tried, places visited, craft projects attempted/completed etc. It's also an excuse to use my new camera more - assuming, of course, that I can actually manage to upload the photos (I did say that I was technologically-challenged, so please bear with me!). Anyway, that's enough for day one I think. I'm just off to do New Thing # 2 - Donate blood. I'll let you know how it went soon.      

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